Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words & Writing with the World with Kristine Carlson

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Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words & Writing with the World with Kristine Carlson

Feminine Power Time: Fierce Grace Talk #1

Fierce Grace Talk with Kristine Carlson NY Times Best Selling Author and Book Doula

Fierce Grace. If you asked me to describe embodied Feminine Power in two words I would say “Fierce Grace.” When we are truly rooted in our unique expression of fierce grace we have access to our full power, presence, purpose and wisdom.

Which is why I’m finally, after two years of dreaming about it, starting this series of Fierce Grace Talks now for us. These will take place throughout the year, inviting you into a conversation with me and a being who I have witnessed embodying fierce grace in the devotion to their sacred work and in the presence publicly and privately.

Since we just literally sent my fourth book off to the printer this week, I was inspired for us to dive into how we can share our words and writing with the world.

Whether you are a writer, or want to be, or you want to write a book, or a blog, or just show up more powerfully in your authentic presence in your communications — or just start writing for JOY because you have something to say or you just want to!

COME to this conversation.

In this Feminine Power Time

Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words &
Writing with the World with Kristine Carlson

I invited Kristine Carlson, NY Times Best Selling Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women, founder of the Book Doula incubator and community, and a woman who has been like a big sister to me in my writing and book career to join us for Fierce Grace Talk #1: Sharing Your Words & Writing with the World.

It seems like the perfect time to pull the veil back and have a heart to heart about what writing a book is like… how it catalyzes your personal growth and what support and structure is really needed. And HOW to just get started.

And to also explore at this time when so many voices are speaking out there — how do YOU want to show up, speak up and share? In a way that matters to you? Feels good to you? And is adding to the world you desire to create for yourself and others? This is the power of Fierce Grace.

Take us with you for a walk, pour some tea and settle in, take us out in the sun to do some earthing, heck pour a bath or snuggle up in bed. It’s a heart to heart … supporting us each to share our words and writing in the world in ways that light YOU up and light up those you touch.

Wherever this finds you… the words you share and the presence you share them through – in your voice, your energy, your purpose – matters. Nothing is too small, we start where we are.

You matter. Believe it.




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Resources for Sharing Your Writing and Words with the World

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