Stay Harmonized: A place to come to re-center and find your clear and calm core

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Stay Harmonized: Tune into this Message from My Heart to Yours
With a Love Offering to Keep Us All
Harmonized These Next Weeks

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In times of intensity and uncertainty, it is more essential than ever for those who are conscious and committed to creating a better world, that WE STAY HARMONIZED.

You are like an instrument for the Universe, the greater good, people who look to you for support, guidance and wisdom.

With the amount of chaos and change, it is just to easy to get tweaked out, turned around or twisted up.

To walk through this threshold, what we need are practices that can strengthen our nervous systems, clear our energy fields, release stress, increase vitality, move our human emotions through, and rise and root us into a deeper insight and wisdom.

We need perspectives, wisdom, that empower us to meet the material reality and also see the larger reality and possibility wanting to emerge, of which YOU and I are part of creating.

We need spaces we can go to re-center when we get tweaked or turned around.

And ways to proactively set and protect our mind/body/heart/spirit so we can stay centered.

As well as places where other conscious beings and leaders are, so we feel connected in a way that sustains us not drains us.

As I listened for what my sacred work was to do now, the answer was to create space for the people you are connected with to stay harmonized and get re-harmonized over the next several weeks.

We stay stabilized and harmonized now … so that when it’s time, we are ALIGNED on the inside, ready to RISE into the direction the Universe guides each of us in our sacred work, life design, purpose and presence.

Come to the Stay Harmonized Sessions
Tuesdays March 31-May 19th
Love Offering


RSVP for free here – come live or receive the recording 

These sessions are for people who have been connected with me through
taking a professional training, personal leadership program, 40-day practice, or mentorship with me,
or are regular listeners of the Feminine Power Time Podcast.
AND the people you love and lead (feel free to invite them)

I wanted to honor our connection.
And create a potent field where you can come to re-center.

Together, we can stay harmonized.
Together, we will rise.

Look forward to being with you.




p.s. If you have not listened to Episode #120 for Feminine Power Time – Feminine Wisdom Meeting the Intensity – Now and Ahead, tune in here on ITUNES. Or on your podcast App.



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