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Tune into this Special Video Message
About How I Am Choosing to Do Things Differently
In a Way I Hope Create More Connection & Wisdom for You vs Overwhelm


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The amount of information we have coming at us in any given day is adding to the overwhelm we are all feeling.

The pressure social media and online marketing creates to be seen, create more, stay in relevant is perpetuating a culture of not enoughness, consumption and frenzy I want no part of.



for the past three months I pulled significantly back on all my communications out, to listen to what people really wanted and valued, and what felt in harmony with what my soul was desiring to create.

The results of this pause are in the video.

I’ll also share some of the feminine leadership and feminine wisdom way principles for success + self sustainability I am applying (so you can try them too).

We may not be able to change the entire world, but we can change how we interact with it.

I am choosing to lead, live and succeed differently in ways women and humans actually work best … using the technology available without becoming a slave to it or addicted to it.

Im going to try this for the next quarter between equinox and solstice and see how it goes.

THANK YOU for being daring enough to do it differently … I look forward to being a source of clarity, calm, wisdom, truth, groundness for you.

xo Christine


On the Half Moons I will be dropping into your inbox with a Wisdom Letter – the first half moon, which is all about moving into action, will be a topic for FOCUS to support you to be in action, focusing on topics I am hearing from you that you want me to talk and teach on.

This will be a video teaching – 6 minutes or so that connects with the topic I am talking about in that month’s Feminine Power Time series. (I do three-part series in my Feminine Power Time podcast.) If you want to go deeper, you can tune into that on your podcast app or on my blog.

The second half moon, known as the Wisdom Moon, a time for going within and slowing down and working on the inner realms, I’ll be sharing a PRACTICE that will support you to stay centered, calm, clear, radiant, regenerated and radiant within your life, work and relationships.

Today, I’m sharing two POWER PAUSE sessions which are focused on the practices I do at the Sept Equinox to GET FOCUSED for the last three months of the year.

I invite you to tune into both. Here on the blog or go to the links to listen on Itunes, or Stitcher. Or search for Feminine Power Time on your podcast app.


Reset Your Focus and Rebalance Your Habits and Relationships for the last three months of the year

 Listen to the player above.

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Tune into this Power Pause and:

  • Learn the wisdom behind taking power pauses 4 times a year – and how this practice can yield big returns in your business, career, relationships and health/wealth/home
  • Experience the feminine way of growing our work and impact vs tackling projects, driving like a torpedo, or pressuring ourselves to make things happen too fast

Be led through a visualization and meditation to:

  • Feel good about what you have already done this year.
  • Reveal the imbalances – work, relationships, health, wealth or home – that need attention.
  • Consider what you need to bring the imbalances into harmony, so you have what you need
  • Gain clarity on how to best focus your attention to the last part of this year – what will bring you the most meaningful and abundant harvest?



Pressure Release Power Pause – 3 Ways to Find and Release Self Induced Pressure 

Listen to the player above.

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We will dive into your life now, and ferret out the self induced pressure you can release because of

  • Timelines, deadlines, and time frames – yours and others
  • Pushing – yourself, others, projects
  • Unrealistic and misaligned Expectations

About Power Pauses

Power Pauses are a form of feminine leadership which teaches us to work in harmony with the natural cycles of how the material and mystical world both work. Part of her Feminine Wisdom School, Arylo teaches how to use this ancient wisdom and way of working to apply to creating a life and work that creates an impact and is sustainable.



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  • Ginevra

    YES to the new ways and big encouragement set your way about all this coming into form! thank you Christine for always being here to remind us to come back to center <3

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