Ep 80: What Really Matters to You This Year? Get Attuned with What Your Heart & Soul Have to Tell You About 2019, Part 4 of 4

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Feminine Power Time Ep 80:

What Really Matters to You This Year?
Get Attuned with What Your Heart &
Soul Have to Tell You About 2019: Part 4 of 4

There are SO many things you could do and give your life force and resources, which is why it is not only wise but essential to take a pause and get clear about what really matters to you, and you get real about what the Universe is guiding you to this year.

You have heard the saying “follow your heart”? That is not just some nice refrigerator magnet. That is a life directive. You’ve heard the saying, “Trust the Universe Has your Back” well if you are not communicating with the Universe, you can’t make choices in your work, relationships, health or wealth or home that are congruent with what the Universe is guiding you too.

We aren’t taught HOW to communicate with our heart and soul in school or on the job, but it’s the only way to create lives in alignment with our truth, and in my experience the only way to run a business, lead a career, make an impact, raise a family and stay sustained and nourished within.

This is the realm of Feminine Leadership and Wisdom, which is why I created this EMERGE 2019 Series for you – to open up possibility and help you get clarity about how to focus and flow this coming year — connected to your heart, led by Wisdom.

Originally it was going to be a 3 part series for Feminine Power Time, but after leading 65 women through an EMERGE evening workshop in Seattle I KNEW I needed to create this fourth episode for you: “What Really Matters for You this Year: Get Attuned to What Your Heart & Soul Have to Share with You About 2019.”

Today, join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher for a Feminine Power time that includes feminine wisdom + a personal guided meditation to:

  • Receive wisdom about how the intersection of your heart desires and the Universe’s message are like portals to illuminating the path ahead for the year.
  • Receive two inquiries that will tap you into what your heart and the Universe have to say
  • Gain clarity on what REALLY matters to you this coming year – so how you give your life force and resources matches what nourishes you and what you truly desire vs. what pulls you in too many directions that make you busy not happy
  • Gain clarity on what the Universe is trying to show you about what to focus on this year in your work, relationships, health, wealth and home – so you can respond to the call vs. getting whacked with a universal 2 x 4 later or miss the opportunity all together

The first part of the session is a dive into the wisdom.

The second, a personal meditation I created for you to gain wisdom on what matters and what is calling for your life force this year.

You can ‘do’ it as a meditation and journal out what you find. Or you can just listen and imagine your intuitive channels opening and your true hearts desires forming so you can co create them into form this coming year.

If you have not yet received the wisdom from the first three episodes in the series, they are:

78: Resisting Change and Our Callings: How to Move Through It with Compassion, Courage and Grace – Emerge 1 of 4.

79: AWAKEN: Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You About You & This Coming Year! – Emerge 2 of 4.

Feminine Wisdom Session SALON – A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & Focus Your Year, The Feminine Way 2019 – Emerge 3 of 4.

Feminine Power Time Ep 80: What Really Matters to You This Year?
Get Attuned with What Your Heart & Soul Have to Tell You About 2019



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