A Message for All Women: You are Making A Difference (+ a self compassion boost)

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On this day – International Womens’ Day – a Day for marking the impact women have made and are making in this world, I invite you to make sure YOU take pause to acknowledge and feel the difference you are making…

From my heart to yours, take this in…


If you are anything like me and so many of the courageous beings I know and teach, it can be so easy to see what your not doing, feel like you should be doing more, judge that you have not accomplished enough or even think that what you have to offer and give isn’t making a big enough difference.

And this is simply not true.

And thinking this way in fact not only lessens the impact you make, it puts a tremendous pressure on your heart on the inside – physically and spiritually and emotionally.

I just had a “I’m not making a big enough difference attack” the other day – my Comparison Queen came swooping in to point out the awesome things others were doing, my Achievement Junkie joined in to show me all the things I had not yet accomplished, and then the pressure started to build inside my body. If I had not had my Feminine Super Power of Compassion, specifically Self Compassion, at my side, I would have ended up in a full on overwhelm or self-judgment attack… zapping the energy I need to actually keep fueling my sacred work.

When I woke up today, I remembered what I love to do most on March 8th every year – to remind women of the difference they are making & give gifts from my heart to yours, to keep your heart strong on the inside so that you SEE the difference you are making right now, every day, with every heart you touch, every smile you make, every offering you make, every way in which you choose to show up in love instead of fear or anger or judgement.

This is feminine leadership.

This is a practice we need during these intense times.

The road ahead is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And we need all the self compassion we can conjure to stay open and in our fullest power – which comes from our hearts.

So I made you up this small but mighty Feminine Super Power of Compassion Kit – it includes a meditation I made that streams the medicine of self compassion straight into your heart (like kryptonite for self doubt and self criticism) AND a piece of Heart Art that includes real Self Compassion Love Mantras created and used by the students from The Path of Self Love School’s Love Club.

A Self Compassion Kit
My gift to you on this day for the days you forget the truth that:

Click here to download the Heart Art Self Compassion Poster by Christine Arylo & Shannon Kaiser 

And click here to download the Self Compassion Meditation by Christine Arylo with mantra and music by Karen Drucker 

To get the full Madly in Love with ME album with meditations for all branches of self-love, go here.


May you always remember every day that your presence IS changing the world, one heart at a time.

When we lead our families, businesses, teams and lives from this place, we have more energy, empathy, & true success .


In fact… try this…

Think right now of ONE PERSONs life you have made better just because you showed up and listened, witnessed, shared, reflected, hugged,.. that my friend is enough.

And then go into the world and love and lead more… AND do it from the place that you have already made a difference.

Feel and see the difference you have made and create from there the rest of this year.

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