POWER PAUSE: What Matters Most to You in 2018? Claim the space now.

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There are SO many ways that you can spend your energy, time, money and resources this coming year –
many that will distract you, fragment your energy,
or keep you so busy in the day to day grind
that you never get the space to do what truly matters.

Other ways you can focus your time on the projects, people,
personal desires that nourish your soul, fuel your heart,
and actually lead to you FEELING successful & supported.

Which is why I am asking you to consider this inquiry now…
At the start of the year
“What Matters Most to You in 2018?”
And will you have the courage, self-love and comittment
To claim the space for it, no matter what?

Wise women who lead the feminine way take a POWER PAUSE at the start of the new year, to look ahead, tap into their Inner Wisdom, feel into their heart and get really clear on WHAT MATTERS MOST this coming year… in their work, relationships and personal health.

And then they tap into the courage, compassion and conviction in their heart, activate their feminine power to create space, choose to ask for and get the support they need … and then claim and create the space, no matter what.

This is not selfish. It’s smart, self loving and how we make sure we are truly serving the world with our greatest gifts.

In this power pause and episode of Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo, women’s leadership advisor, will:

  • Share how you can use your Feminine Super Power of Creating Space to create the time to do what really matters to you, even in the midst of many responsibilities and a full schedule.
  • Lead you through a 3-step inner wisdom journey to connect into what truly matters most to you in the 3 areas of our lives that when tended to elevate you out of overwhelm… so you have space to nourish your projects, relationships and body.
  • Help you claim and name what is matters most to you in your work, your relationships and your physical wellbeing, so you can get the support and create the space to focus on these in 2018 – no matter how much there is to do!


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