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Hi Love! I’m writing to you this rainy day from California with all the candles on my desk lit in honor of this super power day of many names …. Imbolc, Candlemas, Brigid’s Day and yes even Groundhog day. The power this day offers us is in seeding our intentions for the year… a day to pause, and with intention choose what you are going to give your life force to this year.

In a world that by the day seems to get madder and more divided, where it can feel like we don’t have control or can’t make a difference… Wisdom tells us something different. Feminine wisdom knows that each of us – you and me included – have beating within our very hearts, written on the codex of our individual souls everything we need to do our part in creating a world that is led with respect, honor, compassion, courage and what I call fierce love and fierce grace. You may not have the full roadmap, but you do have the SEEDS.

Dream Catcher Arylo Dare to Dream
Today is the day to claim your seeds… say YES and to invite the Divine to tend them and grow them with you. It’s a day to share your dream seeds with others who have similar seeds, because we’ll need each other to stay strong this year. As the Hopi Elders say:

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The time of the Lone Wolf is Over.

It’s time to gather yourselves

I take this Wisdom to mean that it’s time to come out and make our presence even more known, seen and heard… to step out more visibly, fully and whole-heartedly…and to do it in community, in circle… Honoring our individual expressions + connected to other dream seeders, because we are stronger connected vs trying to do it all on our own. I’ve held the dream seed of self love for 10 years now and over time grown it with the support of many into a full tree that has fed many and taken many forms, including circles, classes, books and the international day of self-love on February 13th.

On this super power day, I’m sharing my dream seed with you…We are looking for others who too hold the dream seed of self-love – who desire to bring the medicine and message of self-love to the world. We are gathering those who desire to teach, hold circles, guide others in and share self-love – deeply, powerfully, masterfully in ways that people of all kinds can receive.


Self love is not fluff. It’s not just self esteem or self care. Self love is a path, a practice and a choice. Lack of a strong self love foundation is at the root of almost every disease we see in humans and this culture – from narcissism to depression to eating disorders to burnout to unhappiness to making life choices from fear to staying in unhealthy relationships to bullying, and we could go on forever. We see hate, separation, intolerance, blame and anger towards others because without a strong foundation of love for ourselves, we cannot love our neighbor. This is simple wisdom from sages from almost all spiritual traditions but still it has not taken root in the hearts of humanity.

I believe that the time is now… that the world is ready for the power of the medicine called self-love. And I cannot reach the billions of people on my own. Our power comes in gathering all those with dream seeds that include self love… even if that’s not what you call it to those you teach and serve, if you have a part to play in bringing self-love to this world, bring your dream seed and join us!

We are just getting started… we are more inspired than ever… and February is a big month at The Path of Self Love School because February 13th begins our year of self-love – for ourselves, those we serve and the world. The world is more open to love in February, it’s a powerful time to serve the medicine.
Let’s #beamthelove together.


#1: The Path of Self Love Training & Certification Program – Starts Feb 28th


After 10 years of developing, experimenting, and offering self-love processes, tools, assessments – a ‘technology’ that other transformational teachers have called ‘an illuminated path to self love’… ‘a concrete, doable, path anyone can master’… it is my JOY and HONOR to be able to give access and training to those who desire to more masterfully and powerfully teach, guide, share, coach, talk about, self-love. In real, accessible, proven ways that make the work you do and the programs you run and the space you hold more powerful. The Path of Self Love Teacher Training Program starts February 28th with our Self Love Foundations module. We have teachers on 6 continents, of different backgrounds, races, religions, purposes… Here’s the invitation … watch it, read it and if it speaks to you come… it’s an amazing community.


Get the invitation for the Path of Self Love Teacher Training


Every February, we call together a legion of “Love Ambassadors” to hold self love circles in their homes and communities. Using the collective power of the international Self Love Day, which we’ve sponsored for over a decade, you can be part of this global movement by holding a circle of your own. We’ve created a Self Love Circle Guidebook + a Sacred Circle Training Session for Love Ambassadors – it’s free.


We have an online community that will give you sisterhood and support to call your circle – whether it’s 2 people or 22, whether you use the words self love or not, when you are tapped into a circle of intention like this, you feel more powerful and supported to gather your tribe. We’ve touched over 41 countries over the years, and this year we plan to keep the love growing.

Get the Free Self Love Circle + Love Ambassador Kit + BE a Love Ambassador this Year

Self Love Day

Save the Date: February 13th. 5:30 pm PT
Self Love Super Power Circle on Self Love Day

I’ll be hosting my circle from my home to your heart on Self Love Day. Our theme is STAY STRONG this year. Not as in macho, martyr or like a machine … but strong in the true self loving, feminine wisdom way.

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