What’s Your Dream Seed? I’ll share my “Crazy” Dream if You Shares Yours

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Here is a 3 minute video I made in the very early stages of my dream seed for self-love … it’s still accurate today as the seed flourished into a school + self love movement!”

WISDOM SAYS: The world needs YOUR dreams more than ever to go from seed to sprout… to grow and flourish… no matter how ‘crazy’ or ‘impossible’ they seem…

Because this world is crazy, and not in a good way. It will be those of us who find the courage, not to just chase or pursue our dreams, but to live them into reality day by day, step by step, that shift this world.

Here’s my dream seed for the world … what’s yours? Share it here. Love to witness you.


Self Love Poster Christine Arylo

My “Crazy” Dream

The dream came to me like a Divine directive that literally dropped in and spoke to me in that ‘little voice’ that is so not ‘little’.

It said… “Christine, go out and teach others how to love themselves”

I told it ‘That’s crazy, I will starve. Can’t I teach something like health or leadership that people will pay for?”

It took me a few months and a lot of battle with my Inner Mean Girl, but I eventually fertilized my dream seed by calling a circle of women together in my friends living room and called it Madly in Love with Me. I did another, and another. My friend then told me I should write a book. I told her she was crazy. But I started writing while working full time in my MBA job. Then I took a coaching class, loved it. Went to Hawaii on retreat, came back and quit my job. My boss told me I was crazy – lol.

Fast forward 10 years, and this February 13th we will celebrate and host the 10th Self Love Day which has held Self Love Circles in over 41 countries and touches over 1 million people a year. Over 35,000 people have taken a self love class through the technology that I always say came through me not from me. And last year we started training 33 Self Love Guides and Teachers from all corners of the globe, realizing my dream to weave self-love into the very consciousness of humanity so it’s as normal and accessible as table salt … and within three generations, create a world in which every child born is born connected to love and stays connected.

Dream Catcher Arylo Dare to Dream

I share this video and this story with you today as you make your choices about how to spend your life force, time and money to break the illusion that you have to figure it out, that dreams are practical, that success happens overnight, and that dreams require lots of money to get started. No dream is too small or too big. Every dream matters.

Dreams that change this world and people’s lives are hatched from the hearts of people like YOU who dare to step outside of how things are ‘done’ to create new realities.

Yes, your dream seed requires you to step into the unknown.

Yes, your dream seed will stretch you, scare you and likely be one of your biggest spiritual lessons.

Yes there wil be days when you want to toss your dream seed into the recycle bin and go buy a grown plant from the grocery store.

But I ask you. Invite you. Dare you. Even implore you to feed your Dream Seed this year and for many years to come. Not at the sacrifice of yourself… but with the support of the Divine and the many others who carry a similar dream seed.

This February 13th, we will open the doors to the Path of Self Love School, which has been part of the dream seed that I couldn’t have forseen ten years ago in this form, to serve 1 billlion people the medicine of self love.

I could not do this without the others who also carry the dream seed of self love that have come along to help me grow self-love. I do my part. They theirs. That’s the wisdom way. We are meant to find others with similar dream seeds, that is the miracle grow!

Open your heart to your sister and fellow dream seeders. And may your dream seed flourish – and feed you and the many others I know it will touch.

I’d love to witness and bless your Dream Seed – post it here if you dare to claim it.

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  • Magdalaena Rushinera

    My dream seed it to begin having circles of women and creating from my scrapbook of circle ideas bringing joy self love courage being an example of “its never too late to water the seed deeply planted and ready to spring forth”!!I risk my “crazyness and trust and be trusted and dance thru all of it whatever “it” is. I do so appreciate all I receive from the wisdom you share and Thank you with much Gratitude imagining a world of Love, Christine.

    • Christine Arylo

      Witnessing your dream seed Magdalaena – may your ideas and wisdom circle into a spiral of love that lifts many xoxo

  • Andra

    My dream is to create an art center or a movement celebrating diversity and creativity. A place where anyone can come and make art, and where all the art of the world is celebrated. With workshops, exhibitions, a library, a restaurant dedicated to cultural diversity. A place where people can live the truth that diversity is enrichment and should not be feared. And where art and creativity are demistified. Where you don’t have to be Picaso or Da Vinci to be an artist, but showing the fact that art is our first and most natural way of expression, and that everybody is creative, in every field. That art is anything from the Mona Lisa to artisan crafts, that it is accessible to all and the right of all, and that art is art of us and art matters! That it opens us up to the beauty of the world and to each other. I dream of a place where anyone can come and allow themselves to be an artist and immerse themselves in human creativity and diversity and be awed. A place of love, comunity, joy and dreaming. And this is huge in me and growing every year and it’s terrifying because i have no idea how to make it happen but i know i have to try or i’ll never be happy…

    • Christine Arylo

      Andra – i bless your seed and can feel the love and expansion in it – feeling and seeing the people there – i’d love to come!! And here’s the good news, you don’t have to make it happen… just say YES to your seed, open to finding others with similar dream seeds and let the Divine lead you on the path. It’s a practice every day … and remember to see the ways in which your seed sprouts – the more you love the seed as it sprouts the stronger it grows 🙂

  • Theresa "T" Koenke Diaz

    Hello, Dear Christine! My dream seed is to run SoulCollage workshops and other workshops, such as Self-Love Day, as well as start another small business and nurture the already established and thriving plant that is my transcription business, continuing to work primarily from my home (and from my yurt(s)-yet-to-be!), and all done part-time so as not to burn out with any one of them as I enter the second half of my 5th decade on the planet. And there are a couple more dream seeds in my back pocket to be planted and organically nurtured once the main garden of plants above is flourishing. Holding a Self-Love Circle and attending the Path of Self Love School are also in dream-seed stage, and I share with others about Self-Love Day every year. So, while I’ll be getting a massage on this February 13th, 2017, one of my dream seeds is to get the annual 2/13 massage AND hold a Self-Love Circle. Many thanks and blessings to you, Christine, for sharing your insights and wisdom with the world.

    • Christine Arylo

      Theresa i LOVE these dreams seeds – and YES to holding a self love circle, we are SO honored to have you with us in this movement of self love. witnessing your choices for growing your seeds from a place of self sustainability, one of the most essential challenges and missions of our time as women right now. such important work. love to you and love to your seeds. xo

  • Julie Free Heart

    Christine, I love it when you use the word Dare, and “I Dare you…” So, I dare share by audacious dream with you and who ever reads this. During a Dark Night of the Soul I looked up, and in utter surrender said, “Please Help Me” and what came were feathers. They came in such unique moments and places that soon I knew they were a sign of benevolent guidance, that I was not alone.

    I couldn’t paint for two years. When the delicious urge to paint returned, I knew I needed to paint feathers. I gave them everything I had and intended that they might lift someone like what finding feathers did for me. Eventually, I heard/understood that they could bring about world peace.

    Two foretelling quotes: “Women could bring about world peace in 1 year if they were organized.” Jeanette Rankin, our first US Congress woman (died in 1973) and the Dali Lama from 2009, “The Western Women will save the world.”

    Using these powerful feather images WE can visibly UNITE all of US who are living, working, and creating, in alignment with Love. In uniting we will amass the largest group that our world has ever seen. We will come to know, through a universal symbol that we are the majority, a peaceful, compassionate majority and we will tip the scales and usher in a sustainable world. The power lies in visually unifying under one symbol/totem / logo so that our numbers will become self-evident. Our Native American’s gave meanings to feathers WISDOM, TRUTH, HONOR, STRENGTH, POWER, & FREEDOM.

    Imagine a small group of highly influential Women coming together to start the domino effect by inviting their audiences to wear and/or display the feather totem. Aided by their credibility, fueled by technology and the catalyzed by a collective readiness for this, we will see millions, then billions of feathers blanket the earth. The feather symbol is perfect as it’s revered in all native cultures, crosses all languages and borders and is steeped in benevolent meanings.

    These images will attract, catalyze, represent & demonstrate the power of love, compassion, Unity, and cooperation. We will leave behind centuries of win/lose, right/wrong, profit/loss, us/them and will usher in the Era of Conscious Creation/Evolution. We will show Humanity something truly excellent, and will begin to create something we have only been able to dream about. The time is 2017, and I dare to offer the vehicle to tip the scales. Breathing deeply. . .

    Lastly. I share a quote my Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    And so it is, and so it shall be. Let’s do this!

    Every Good Wish, Julie Free Heart

    • Christine Arylo

      Julie Free Heart beloved – thank you for sharing your dream seed and the wisdom seeds of other wise women here. Witnessing your heart and your seed and the power of the feather in all that you say. May the winds take your seeds and spread them many many hearts around this great world. xo

  • Jemini

    Christine, this is so beautiful. Gave me all the good goosebumps. My dream seed is to turn my blog into a platform of connection. One that provides passive income for me and my family and facilitates heart-head coherence for others and myself. My hope is that the divine will find words where I can’t.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sending all the love.

    • Christine Arylo

      Jemini seeing your seed of flowing wisdom and love through your voice. May your seed blossom within and also in the world, visible for all to see. xo

  • Brenna Duperron

    My dream seed is to revitalize the educational, social and cultural connection to the magic of literature. Stories shape our consciousness and should be held in all their sacred containers, but most of all we need to maintain a sense of wonder and enchantment passed childhood. Literature should never be allowed to go extinct, and I want to increase people’s enthusiasm to great texts and access to eye-opening ideas. Literature allows you to never stop growing and to learn every day for the rest of your life something that shouldn’t end once adulthood hits.

    • Christine Arylo

      Brenna – HUGE TRUTH CHILLS — thank you for carrying the story teller dream seed for the children and all of humanity – so pwoerful, potent and needed. May your seed be blessed, may you be blessed and may grace guide your way xo

  • Pamela

    My dream seed is a little undeveloped, but it’s rooted in the idea that people shouldn’t have to choose between parenting and their passions, and that while we are creating lives that matter to us, we can be teaching our children to do the same.
    I want to encourage parents to question the norms, consider alternative paths, and to create and follow their own dreams with their families.
    As a society, we’ve accepted the myth that family life is doomed to be monotonous and boring. We’ve been sold on the idea of struggle and think we have to listen to experts and assimilate into carpools and mind-numbing, soul-sucking daily routines.
    But we can be our own experts and life with kids can be a lot more fun than our culture makes it out to be.
    Dreams shouldn’t die just because you have kids, and you shouldn’t have to leave your family behind to pursue them either.
    Exploring, learning and dreaming together as a family brings much more joy to life than any pre-prescribed treadmill routine ever could.
    I want to create a life learning center~ a funschool with playshops, events and retreats to inspire and encourage families. I want to share the ideas and spread the joy to people both in real life and virtually.
    I think helping families find and create joyful lives TOGETHER, it helps the future.

    • Christine Arylo

      Pamela – i can see how your URL fits you – zestymom.com 🙂 I love it! And love this dream seed “But we can be our own experts and life with kids can be a lot more fun than our culture makes it out to be.Dreams shouldn’t die just because you have kids, and you shouldn’t have to leave your family behind to pursue them either.” Yes, aho, agree and grow that beautiful seed into a garden that can give MANY others seeds to plant their own. Heard. Witnessed. Blessed. xo

  • Donna

    My dream seed is to receive more energy this year (nature time, energy producing practices like yoga & ballet) so that I can give in my part – to create! My dream seed is to write & knit & explore 12 season color theory – to relate those to weddings or charity for babies or online venue sites or wherever it takes me. That’s a few seeds! Whoops! I can’t wait!!
    Will try not to overdo, but perhaps those three seed packets can be thrown together in rich energetic soil to produce the most beautiful field of wildflowers! 🙂

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