The Impatience Cure: Stop Pressuring Yourself to Be Where You Aren’t & Be Successful Now

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Sometimes I feel like I am a card carrying member of the “Impatience Club,” how about you? 

If you too can suffer from the dreaded disease of impatience, than this week’s Feminine Power Time is for you. You know you are a member if you do any of these things in your career, your relationship status, your body weight/shape, your health or your money:

  • Put pressure on yourself to be farther ahead than you are
  • Think things should be different than they are or should be happening faster than they are – and then obsess about why they aren’t
  • Judge and compare yourself against other people’s lives and success – and make yourself miserable in the process
  • Often set unrealistic expectations and goals that you either fall short of or burn yourself out to try and meet
  • Future trip – over focus on the future and trying to figure out how to make stuff happen vs being focused on what is right in front of you
  • There’s more – but honestly if you suffer from impatience you likely know it. Most people never cure it because they only focus on the symptom or the quick fix.

In the feminine there is a difference between pressure that supports you and inspires, and pressure that sabotages you and creates suffering.

When we are in our Feminine Power, we know how to work with pressure in ways that create what we desire, without letting our desires run us ragged or rule our expectations and as a result ruin our happiness and health.

It’s the new moon today – a time for re-setting + doing things differently. And later this month we have another reset, the Equinox which is all about transforming the imbalances in ourselves. SO… this week’s episode of Feminine Power Time – The Impatience Cure: How to Stop Pressuring Yourself to Be Where You Aren’t & So You Can Be More Successful Now, is perfectly timed. 

Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo


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In this week’s Feminine Power Time, we’ll tap into the yogic and divine feminine wisdom and explore how to powerfully create what you desire – in your career, relationship, body or money (pick one) – in ways that support you vs sabotage you.

So you can FEEL the success and the happiness instead of PURSUE it.

So you stay aligned with the natural unfolding of your soul vs some mental timeline based on ideas and illusion vs. what’s real. Not easy, but possible. With some super power practices!

Most people put WAY too much pressure on themselves to be farther ahead or focus too much on the future or what doesn’t match the vision in their head or desire in their heart – and create a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness (and who needs more of that, right?) I’ll take us beyond the symptoms of impatience into the roots, where you can use the simple but mighty techniques I share to cure the impatience itch, by giving yourself a healthy dose of what it is you really desire. Super power!


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And to go deeper in your Feminine Power join Christine for one of her upcoming retreats. 

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  • Angie

    Didn’t realize I needed to hear this, but it was very timely message – thank you for sharing these insights! Love the animal analogies.

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