Self Care Super Power: Two Simple Practices to Keep Your Energy Tanks Full

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Watch this divine spark for your heart – a big permission slip to take care of yourself + two simple but mighty practices that will make that possible in your day to day

Here’s the thing about self care…  You don’t need more information or to do lists on what to do to take care of yourself. If I listed out 20 different things you could do, should do, ought to do to take care of yourself, you would just nod your head. Get sleep. Eat well. Exercise daily. Rest and restore when you are tired. Don’t overwork. Meditate or have a daily practice. Right? You KNOW these things in your mind, yet they are so hard for us to DO in our daily lives.

Why? Well lots of reasons including things like:

  • bad internal programming that makes you feel guilt or non productive if you rest (I got that one from my over doing mother)…
  • fear that if you slow down, stop doing, let others support you, everything will fall apart, won’t get done, or you won’t have what you need…
  • worry that if you don’t take care of others first you will be seen as a bad mother, wife, daughter…
  • self sacrifice and being busy make our egos feel good and useful..
  • and i could go on and on and on. but i won’t.

I will get to the point that will actually help you to go beyond the self care to do lists, to taking action, putting in structures, changing your patterns, so taking care of yourself is just part of your daily flow. So getting what YOU need on all levels every day – physically, materially, spiritually and emotionally – isn’t a to do on your list, it’s something that you just do, that just happens as part of how you live.

The yogis say, change your patterns and habits, and change your life.

Most of us start with the second half of that equation, we try to change our lives and get all stressed out about how can we make those changes and we fail. But if we just started with the patterns and habits, and make small and simple but mighty shifts in our patterns on the inside, the outside changes.

For example, I have a self love promise to myself and a ritual that every afternoon by 6pm I move my body, jump on my trampoline, go for a walk, yesterday was ProPilates (whoooo weeee!) … so I got to wrap this up for you so I can keep that commitment. You can click here to see more trampoline reviews to make a decision.

So watch the video I made for you. It’s all in there.

I’ll share more on what I am talking about regarding self care super power – so you can move into action.

What we need are super simple and super powered practices that keep your energy tanks filled + your life force feeling vital every day, in little ways that create the structure inside your life to make sure you get what you need while you do and take care of so much.

Arylo Taking Care of Me


I will share two of mine that I’ve used for years – consistently – that have made big impact. One a daily self-love practice and one a feminine super powered way I changed the rhythm of my life to be more sustainable and more focused on what really matters to me – achieving and receiving.

Try these practices.
One is daily.
The other is 4x per year.

And I know that doing this yourself, even if I tell you can be challenging. I know you want to do it, but will you really stick to it?

That’s part of my job – to be here for you, to hold you to your commitments to yourself + to creating sacred space during the key super power pause times. So here are ways to tap into that support – being supported is wise, not selfish.

For more support on deepening your self love + ability to take care of yourself, even if that means disappointing another. Check out the Love Club and join us. – membership special through Sept 4th.

Love Club with Christine Arylo

And/or join me for a weekend retreat at Fall Equinox time – Grace Under Pressure – on the east coast of the US,

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