New Moon Meditation + Super Power Pause: Get Clear on Where to Focus Your Life Force… on what really matters most

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Take a “Super Power Pause” with your heart & soul (and me!) to get clear on how to best focus your life force + resources. Tune into the video below.

The new moon gives you super power to pause and tune into where you can best focus your life force so you receive what you need and desire.

Add the ‘feminine super day’ of Lammas (one of the 8 most powerful days of the year) + you gain super power to more intentionally and sustainably create what you need.

I will lead you through a process and new moon meditation for “moonifesting” — using the cycle of the moon to focus your energy on what will give you the returns you need and desire – in your relationships, sacred work, health, life, etc. This is feminine power at work practically.

Watch the video. Try the process. Do the meditation. Free yourself to focus on what matters and let the rest go.

Super Power Pause with Arylo



And… if you like me would love to creating more loving, harmonious relationships in your life – with partners, friends, family, peers, everyone, join me live in my backyard with Noah, my soul partner, for a gathering we are calling via livestream called “Cultivating a Field of Love: Creating the Supportive, Respectful, Loving Relationships + World You Desire, starting with yourself.  

sacred partnership cultivating a field of love square

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  • Michelle

    Hi Christine,
    I’m Michelle from Hamburg, Germany. Even if I’m far away from California, your message of love is well received in my heart and soul. And I just want to thank you for your power and spirit to send this energy to me that I need so much! I receive your mails since a couple of years now and haven’t open them often, to be honest. But every time I do and watch your video, it’s pure magic!

    I didn’t know about the earth shifting thing, but I felt the distraction of making the right decisions. And I just have done the meditation with you and it just gave me great advice! For my inner soul the word “trust” came up. Trust in my thoughts and decisions. For my outer circle its “openness”. Being open for the views and desires of my loved ones and understand them more deeply. And for my work its “productivity” that popped up in my mind. THANKS TO YOU!!! Keep doing what you do! You have so much energy that reaches every soul on this planet and fills them with love. That’s exactly what the planet needs these days very much. Thank you so much you wonderful magic woman!!

    Lots of love in return!


    • Christine Arylo

      Michelle – your post made my heart smile this morning when I read it 🙂 LOVE the words that came with clarity to be guiding stars for you … may they lead you with grace and light. xo

  • Melissa

    Thank you for this beautiful pause. I love how you explain and are tapped into the earth and her speed. YES I am cultivating more connection in all three relationships. Connection from a loving perspective, a loving presence and loving actions. Namaste.

    • Christine Arylo

      Melissa – xoxoo YES to super power pauses and cultivating 🙂 thank you for letting me know what you are harmonizing too xo

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