Conversation with Shiloh & Arylo: Weaving The New World, It’s Time

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I’ve been in deep conversations with myself, with the women in my circles and with some of my dearest visionary sisters, smart wise women. What has been emerging has been SO potent that I wanted to share it with you as you dream and vision this month… because I am pretty convinced we are each being called to listen more deeply now than ever before. Watch the video above with me and visionary artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Shiloh and I are known to set up coffee or wine and have potent conversations that alter consciousness, open portals to new thought and – no LSD, just good wise woman heart. Pour some tea and join us.  

Watch the video or here is an audio link too

This video is really a “POP UP SALON” that just happened 3 days after the new moon of the new year, as I have been immersed in deep conversations with the Divine, with the women in my circles and with my wise visionary sisters such as Shiloh. And the common theme emerging is that we are weaving the new world.

My conversations these last several days have centered around deep questions meant to stimulate the heart and open the soul – beyond what are my resolutions or my goals, or even what’s my vision (those kinds of questions only give you access to base level consciousness.)

We’ve been in inquiry about how we create different realties, elevated realties – for ourselves, for the people we serve, for this world. Not as in let’s “save” the world (that’s alot of work!), but deeply feeling into what our individual soul’s are calling us to step into and step out of.

We’ve spoken boldly that many of the patterns, systems, beliefs and ways of operating don’t work… and the new ways aren’t quite clear yet. Lots of uncertainty, and also possibility – which can be thrilling and stress producing all at the same time.

We all seem to be in agreement that…

We need to weave new ways of being, creating, operating, doing business, taking care of our families, living … ones that sustain and support us individually and collectively, and treat all as sacred, and…

We can’t and won’t find the answers in our minds – we need to access the deeper and expanded levels of consciousness and intelligence that can only be accessed through our hearts and souls, in communion with the Divine or in community with others.

But how do you do that?  (i’m all for the mystical and spiritual and i want the practical to know what to do!)

On Monday morning, one of my dear visionary sisters, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, came over to my home to talk about exactly that – how do we actually weave new realities, be in elevated consciousness, and live in alignment with our souls. We do this as friends, have these crazy wisdom conversations to explore the patterns and find deeper truths – usually over coffee with honey or red wine with chocolate. This Friday the 15th, we start our virtual visioning journey retreat, and we always start a circle and a vision quest with what we are seeing and feeling emerge in our own lives and in the communities of women we serve – and wow! good stuff, which we thought you might be experiencing too.

So we set up a ‘pop up salon” from my backyard – we love using technology this way, that allows us to invite you into the exploration about weaving new realities & how to navigate this time forward in which many of us are called to step out of and step into great places of uncertainty, called to our edge to create and operate in new ways. 

We’ve poured our coffee and tea, and we invite you to slow down, make yourself some tea and open up your own soul’s Divine downline. It’s about a 25 minute salon, but this is the right time to do this. January is the dreaming month, time to access your soul drive to vision and plan your year. Just one nugget you hear could open up an entirely new portal of consciousness – that’s the power of soul inquiry and salon. Plus I’d love to sit and have tea with you 🙂

And you are also invited to join us and women around the world for WEAVE YOUR YEAR, a virtual visioning retreat for women who dare to weave the new ways. Here’s the invitation – we will journey from January 15th through February 2nd, at your own pace!

Weave your Year with Christine arylo and Shiloh Sophia

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  • Regina

    Thank you so much for sharing. It was so much what I needed to hear to ease my day into evening. May you both stay Blessed.

  • Emory

    This was so good to hear. I have been feeling all of these things and it is wonderful to have someone else give a voice to your own feelings. Where the Internet and Facebook are concerned, I got back on Facebook after being off for several years to have access to Inner Mean Girl Reform School’s Facebook page (a good use) and have been coping with the barrage of stimulation and unneccessary information that comes with it (negative effect). So good to think about using sacred technology with consciuosness and intent. So much more of what you said reasons red and made sense…but this is too long!

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