Prayer of Light for Your Coming Year

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A prayer of light from my heart to yours taped on the full moon morning of Christmas, as Solstice turns the earth into a new phase

There are so many things they never taught me in school or in my Catholic upbringing, that I learned much later as I studied different spiritual traditions and saw so many universal truths. Including that this time as we end the linear calendar year, is all about LIGHT… the return of the Light. Regardless of our religion, we all live on the earth, we all have hearts, we all face challenges, we all need the light and love to thrive, and…

We are all divine beings in a human body, and at our core lives light. We are light.

On this day of “Christmas” which can be translated to “more Christ”… read “mas Christ”… as in more light, more love, more peace, we also are blessed with a full moon. The full moon is literally lighting up the sky. The moon has long been a symbol of the divine feminine. And the Christ has been embodied in the masculine as in Jesus Christ. And in many other traditions there are stories of the “Son God” rising as this time. I’m not a religious scholar here to debate what stories are historical fact.

What I am here to do is to bring to you the truth that the light is here for you, within you, to guide you as you unfold your soul path and human heart through the life you live.

Once I learned this deeper earth and spiritual wisdom, I began tapping into the energy of this time every year. Yes I still love Christmas music (truth be told I listen to it non stop starting on Thanksgiving) AND I am acutely aware that this time of the year is a sacred time to commune with the light and open up the channels for more light within myself. Plus today we have double super power! The full moon is lighting up our sky like the brightest star ever.

the light can illuminate the path ahead for the coming year,
the light can warm our hearts and remind us of how loved we are,
the light is really the best insurance policy and safety net we have.

So today, from my heart to yours, I am sending you this Divine Spark, a super power prayer, to bless your journey ahead into the new year with light. A prayer to connect you more deeply to the light within so that as you step forward into the weeks and years to come, you more fully feel the grace and light within you always, with you always.

From my heart to yours…. may this remind you of your light and of your connection to Divine Light, always.

with love
Christine Arylo

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  • Andrea

    Thank you for this lovely prayer. May light bless your path during 2016 as well.

  • Josee Marie

    Thank you Christine for the wonderful gift of prayer !
    It is always pretty much appreciated 🙂
    Mighty Blessings to you and your family !
    Love Joy and Gratitude !
    Josee Marie

    • Christine Arylo

      Josee Marie, your most welcome, i am happy you received the gift of prayer and light. xoxo

  • Elizabeth Gibbons

    Thank you Christine! this is beautiful and powerful and I receive it with glowing gratitude from my heart to yours. Sending back galaxies of blessings to you too for your year! I bow to the divine in you! Namaste beautiful divine being…you are a gift to the world!

    • Christine Arylo

      Elizabeth – blessings received cosmic sister of light. xoxox

  • Wendy

    What a deep blessing this prayer is at this time. Thank you for touching my heart so truly.
    Love, Wendy

    • Christine Arylo

      Wendy love – always happy to hug your heart. xoxo to you dear one.

  • Katie

    Drinking this in. Ahhhh. Thank you for your beauty, Christine. This prayer is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you for being you.
    Feliz navidad,

  • Hanna

    Woooow! That was really powerful. Thank you for treating us to this awesome prayer. Wonder-ful and inspring!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    All the very best, Hanna

  • Elena

    Thank you! It was wonderful. Love and Light to you!

  • Janel

    Thank you, Christine. I loved this and appreciate it. I appreciate YOU.

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