2015 Completion Ritual – Feel Powerful, Peaceful & Proud. Clear & Centered to Dream 2016

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Every year, I take a sacred super power pause at this time to make sure I end the year feeling powerful, peaceful and proud of all I have done and become so that come the new year, I am clear, centered and ready to create the new.  It’s a 2015 Completion Ritual! 

The ritual that I will share with you is one I have used for over a decade – for my personal life, my business and in my partnership with Noah. I have used it with friends and my family.  Now I will share it with you.  This ritual is based on ancient sacred technology – including the divine feminine, earth based wisdom, and yogic practice – that I’ve modified for our modern times. This is way more than just some exercise, this is a date with your soul and heart and the Divine.  It’s so crazy that in our mainstream culture that we have lost the power of ritual to mark these powerful times of transition and as a result experience our lives like machines that just keep going and going. 

To access the ritual and the special guidebook I made for you – go here.    

2015 Reflection Ritual

Why Pause Now?

The days around Solstice and Christmas – days about returning the light – give you the PERMISSION to PAUSE and see how you have become wiser this past year, so you can lock in that wisdom and carry it into the new year… plus release anything you don’t want to carry into 2016 – SUPER POWERED!

What Do We ‘Actually DO’ at this time? 
  • CELEBRATE – ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND BECOME THIS YEAR… Really Celebrate and acknowledge yourself. If you don’t RECEIVE what you have actually done and become, it will feel like it never happened.
  • RELEASE – ALL YOU DON’T NEED IN THE NEW YEAR… No need to take excess baggage – patterns, habits, situations, relationships — into the new year, you have the power to leave them behind. Release disappointments and failures and transform them into divine wisdom.
  • EMBODY – THE WISDOM YOU’VE GAINED SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEARN IT AGAIN… become conscious of the wisdom keys you’ve picked up so you can unlock your brilliance even more in 2016.
  • EXPAND – OPEN THE DOOR TO WHAT’S IN STORE IN 2016… Be ahead of the curve, and open yourself up to see what’s coming for you in 2016. No need to stress on Jan 1st because you will have already started your new year process (and your inner achiever will LOVE that.)
I know how hard it can be to create this sacred space for  yourself…and I believe with all my heart that pausing and reflecting at this time is one of the wisest, most self loving, acts we can take.
It also makes a huge impact on how successful and happy you feel, and how much you learn and take with you from all that has occurred.
These specific days give you access to powerful divine energy at a cosmic and physical level that can have a profound impact on your levels of success, happiness, and health.

Both in how you feel about how you spent this last year and what you accomplished and also in setting yourself up to create the new year from a place of centeredness, clarity and inspiration (instead of the way most of our culture goes about it, making resolutions, setting pressure filled goals, and starting the year feeling already behind.

In times like this, we have to create the space to connect more deeply with ourselves, with spirit, with the flow of the earth and with each other. It’s essential to navigate these intense times and our pressured filled lives so we can can create lives that sustain us, support us to thrive and keep us aligned to our soul path and heart desires.

with great heart, Christine

I had SO Much fun doing this ritual for you – we taped it live on Solstice and recorded it right from my living room.

Christine Arylo broadcast


To get the recording and the guidebook, just go to www.FeminineSuperPowerRitual.com


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