Liberate Yourself: Give yourself Permission to Say NO – to what you don’t want to do or don’t have the space for

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Watch this video and liberate yourself from all the holiday and year end shoulds, coulds and have to’s. Using the Feminine Super Power of Liberation, the power of the half moon, and a short but mighty ritual I created for you …

Let’s cut you free of what is adding unnecessary pressure and free you to truly do what matters most to that beautiful soul of yours.

There are lots of things you could do, could spend your energy, time, money and life force on the remaining weeks of this year. But will spending your resources and life energy this way REALLY give you the return you want? Bring you happiness, success and health on what matters most to YOU … on all levels … spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational. This is a question I ask every year at this time … by doing a series of “feminine super power” rituals that get me connected more deeply to my intuition, my inspiration and my soul and heart aligned intentions. Think of it like a super power pause with the Divine.

One of the parts of this super power pause is to…

Get really clear about what you need to, want to, must (for your own health and happiness) say NO to over the time between now and the end of the year so you can start the new year refreshed, replenished and ready to dream, vision and seed your new year.

I thought I could share a short but mighty ritual with you to help you liberate yourself from any pressure & overwhelm you might be feeling to do things you don’t want to or just don’t have space for… so you can be free to spend your life force on what matters most to you.

You see today is the HALF MOON which like the full and new moon has special super powers. You can use the moon phases to tap into spiritual and manifesting energies that help you stay focused on what really matters to you (it’s called moonifesting.)

Christine Arylo Just by taking a brief pause today with me and doing this short but mighty super power ritual I video taped for you, we are going to free you from the tendency to try to do too much this holiday season… including saying yes to things you really want or need to say no to. Using your Feminine Super Power of Liberation, you can tap into an inner power within to say NO to the obligations, traditions and to do’s that you just don’t feel like giving your life force or time to. Sound good?

These short but mighty power pauses are a part of the how I live my life and how I went from an overwhelmed woman who often exhausted herself and used her own energy and resources to get my sacred work into the world, take care of whom I loved, and manage my life… to a woman who has learned to live in harmony with the natural cycles, tap into the super power of the cosmos and the earth, and use both my feminine and masculine powers to create a life that is in alignment with my heart and soul.

When you pause to get clear on what matters most to your soul, you make choices that align with your heart. Don’t act out of obligation or guilt this holiday. Choose love. (#selflove – shareable)

Watch the video.

Press pause on the outside world and tap into your inner world.

Do the ritual.

Use the feminine super power of Liberation and the power of the half moon to sever your attachment to doing things things that won’t serve your heart, soul or body this holiday season.

Then for extra super power – write your FEMININE SUPER POWER LIBERATION STATEMENT here…

I’ll pray on it, super powering your intention and witnessing your commitment to liberation and more harmony. When you go public and get witnessed by others you are like a GAZILLION times more likely to stay true to your committment to yourself.

Here’s mine, I’ll go first (i’ve been doing this for 7 years so i rarely do things anymore this time of year that create stress or from obligation, so I’ll share one from the past I did, where I had to say NO to my Grandmother and in the end that no created more love for us both.)

“I say NO to returning to Chicago for the holidays. It’s cold and I don’t like going back. No one really talks. I say YES to staying home in California and then visiting my grandmother in January for her Birthday”…

Now your turn… Write your FEMININE SUPER POWER LIBERATION STATEMENT … Post what you are saying NO to … and then what you are therefore saying yes to

And remember you are invited to a Feminine Super Power Year – we start Dec 21st, with a special grace under pressure 40-day practice beginning on Dec 1 – so get your invitation, read it, reach out to me and my team, and save your spot! Would LOVE to vision with you + spend 13 moons living and creating the divine feminine way.

Go here to get your invitation

Feminine Super Power Year with Christine Arylo

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  • Christine Arylo


  • Heather McBride

    I say NO to cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year and a family gathering. I’m exhausted and I just want to spend time with the love of my life this holiday.

    • Christine Arylo

      Heathe – super charging your NO to cooking and instead receiving the love from being with your family! xxo christine

  • Lashpal

    I say NO to wandering here and there and not focusing on rituals what is important to me , not bringing in my own income and isolating me . I am saying Yes to my new true pure self and extending purity to my all areas. , my work I always want to do and hence my own money and new friends compatible to me up to dec moon.

    • Christine Arylo

      Witnessing you love sayig NO to being distraction and isolating and saying YES to love coming in in all ways ! xoxo

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