How to Find the Light Admist the Struggle… so you can rise!

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Yesterday morning at 5am I awoke to the lunar eclipse, on the full moon, during Passover, the day before Easter – talk about super power spiritual energy! And for two hours I watched this phenomenon, sitting on my furry yoga mat, as the light of the moon was covered in darkness so I could barely see the light, and then slowly over those two hours, the shadow began to fade and the light of the moon returned, and with a new rising sun filled up the entire sky with a pastel rainbow of colors that looked like a million easter eggs.

What I appreciate about being awake at this time of the day is that I am often gifted with the most profound insights (there has to be some great benefit for me to get out of bed so early!)

And on this day there was such an insight – In the silence, watching this veiling of the light and then a return to a new birth of light, I was reminded that:

We – you and me – are continually in cycles of feeling like we are immersed in the light (life is going great, we are in the flow) and times when we feel we might be swallowed up into the darkness (life is hard, things seem like they aren’t working out, and our faith waivers and we can get afraid).

We become like little kids scared of the dark.

And just like little kids, all we really need to feel safe in the midst of all this darkness, mystery and uncertainty is a night light!

Because the truth is, just like the moon and sun, we always always cycle back to daylight, and we usually rise to more beauty than was accessible before the struggle.

But it can be hard to remember that light, or see it, feel it or trust it when you are in the midst of struggle. Which is why I made you this divine spark.

I’ve been having my own struggles as my new book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl comes out on Tuesday… internal ones that can make me focus on what is wrong, vs what is right and so cast a shadow in my life vs keep me in the flow and in the light. And cause all kinds of suffering for me – anger, frustration, wasted energy, confusion. If I forget to call on, connect to the light to guide me through.

Our spiritual test is, in the midst of the appearance of shadow and struggle in your life, can you still see the light? Can you see how you are being guided to a higher version of yourself and your reality.

Because sometimes you have to pass through a struggle to rise to a new place of strength and self expression.

Next time that happens to you – when your life feels scary, confusing, not what you want it to be, when you feel alone, in the dark, remember the light is always always there with you. Even if you can’t see it, feel it. And if you can’t feel it, use this divine spark, it will light the way!

(p.s. One of the best spiritual practices I have is to NOT be surprised when the struggle shows up. When you stretch yourself, elevate your life, try new things, you can expect fear to get riled up, and your Inner Mean Girls or Inner Bullies to show up – they are the voices and forces of fear within you – which makes it harder to hear your Inner Wisdom. That’s why it’s so important to build stronger relationships with both these parts of you – your Inner Mean Girl and Inner Wisdom. I share the exact process I use and have taught over 30,000 women in the new book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl – learn more about it and get a copy for yourself so you can keep the light, not the fear guiding your way.) Go here


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