Pressure Relief for You – why we push ourselves so hard, and how to stop!

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Watch the video, and find out where you are putting too much pressure on yourself… operating from the misunderstanding that pushing yourself and pressuring yourself is what makes you productive – WRONG!… get to the true heart desire underneath the pressure, and then take an act of self-love, invoke your feminine super power of COMPASSION, and choose to love yourself forward instead of push yourself forward. Pressure relief!


It’s okay to admit that sometimes you push yourself way too hard and create unnecessary stress for yourself – not to mention create all kinds of inner criticisms and judgments that make you feel that what you are doing isn’t enough. Ugh! Why do we torture ourselves so?

Well, the good news is that it’s not your fault… and everyone is doing it, so you are not alone!

Why do you push yourself and put pressure on yourself?

We are afraid that we will not get what we want, so that fear-based force within us – our Inner Mean Girls and Inner Mean Dudes – go to work , and push us harder and harder thinking if they just keep the pressure on, that will be what motivates us to success.

If you are like me and you have an Inner Achievement Junkie or Comparison Queen (that’s Mean Patty my Comparison Queen to theInner Mean Girl Comparison Queen right), they put the pressure on by making you see what you haven’t done yet or what others have done and then pressure you to be there now. If you have an Inner Worry Wart, she’ll put the pressure on by making you think of all the ways something could go wrong and then keep you up at night or working all the time to ‘be in control.’

There are 13 types of Inner Mean Girls that pressure us — if you don’t know your type yet, you can take a free quiz and find out.

So what do you do when you feel so much pressure on the inside? How do you shake it and your Inner Mean Girl or Dude off?

Well, this is why I made this video for you at one of the 8 most super powerful time of the year – spring equinox… – so make sure to watch the entire video, which includes a special meditation to help you tune into your heart. I call these times Feminine Super Power Days because if you slow down and tap into the energy available at this time, you can literally super charge your life, your body, your mind, your dreams, your projects… by getting more in tune with yourself, with the earth and with the divine. Physical and spiritual super power that leads to you having more emotional and mental balance and happiness all year long.

The equinoxes are all about balance and making sure you are creating more harmony for your life – not more work and stress – by being conscious about what you choose to put your energy and time and love into – and how much energy you put in. You were not built to be able to do everything at the same time right now – you get to make choices! And we often give way more energy to things than needed and then create PRESSURE for ourselves – you can spend less of your energy and actually be more successful.

I know I can spend 50 to 100x more than necessary if my Inner Mean Girl is driving my choices, leaving me depleted and then feeling more pressured to get everything else done. Sound familiar?

One of the keys to taking the pressure off is to PAUSE and pinpoint your pressure point … because beneath every pressure point is a deeper desire of your heart and soul. You want something, you are just going about creating it in a way that sabotages you instead of supports you.

When you pinpoint that heart and soul desire and admit that is what you really want, you can choose to stop motivating yourself through the pressure of criticism and judgement and motivate yourself instead by a more powerful force – The Feminine Super Power of Compassion!

That is right – if you give yourself the truth of what you desire and then activate your Feminine Super Power of Compassion by giving yourself one of these four compassion makers – understanding, patience, gentleness or kindness – in the form of loving truth instead of pressure in the form of criticism and judgment, you will be more succesful at manifesting your dreams into reality, more happy along the way, and you will feel more harmonious inside – that’s a good equation.

Self love Mantra

motivate yourself with the patience of compassion instead of the pressure of criticism and you’ll be happier @ChristineArylo (Tweetable)

Watch the video, try it out and this Spring make sure to spend some time with me learning more how to get pressure relief your inner mean girl puts on you, and try motivating yourself instead through these much wiser Feminine Super Powers. I myself am practicing this as I release my new book and choose to do so with my Feminine Super Powers instead of my old achievement junkie, doing addict, super woman ways. You are invited to join me to set super woman down and pick up your own Feminine Super Powers!

First step – take the innermeangirl quiz!

Second – get the new book so you can start reforming this inner fear force and then join me for a live event in April – free with the book – go here to learn more

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