Stop Doing Things the Same. Shake Up How You Do Things to Create More Harmony & Flow

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Watch this video – my last love letter. After four years of consistently every week taping and sending out a love letter, I am shaking things up, following my soul, and as a result hopefully serving you better.

Four is the number of stability – think sturdy chair. Four means enough metaphysically. As one of my spiritual mentors Pamela Eakins taught me, after 4 must come the 5, which is the number for destruction, transformation, new structures. After which come 6 and 7 – the numbers for beauty, grace, the great work and a deeper visioning.

Too often we hold onto structures past their prime and then are thrown into destruction and chaos by the Universe. Having done that way too many times, I now proactively choose to shake things up, change structures and create new things that are more aligned with where we are, and what we need to go deeper.

So it is that this is my last love letter. And so it is that things are going to change, in ways that I know will serve us all better!

I am so honored to be able to walk with you on this crazy journey called life. I am as dedicated as ever to ensuring that we each truly have what we need to love ourselves, to live free and to honor our sacred hearts and souls.

So… after I complete my 5 week R&R (receiving and replenishing) adventure here in Italy and Paris with Noah, my chalice will be full enough again to serve in even better ways, including how you and I stay connected.

I am just going to ‘do’ it differently.

In a way that is more harmonious for me and for you.

My inner divine guidance has been pretty clear on this one – although it flies in the face of conventional wisdom which says I have to send youSelf Love Quote Trust Inner Wisdom Christine Arylo an email every week at the same time or you will stop wanting to be in communication with me. Conventional wisdom says I have to communicate MORE.

My SOUL WISDOM however says the best way I can support you at this time is to communicate at the RIGHT times, in the RIGHT way for now, to support you to get more attuned to your natural harmony and flow.

Here’s what you can expect to receive from me…

So instead of weekly, which is just a structure based on the calendar the Romans made up (loved Roma but the calendar has got to go!), I will be here with you on the NEW MOON and FULL MOON (each which have special powers and energies to assist you in manifesting the reality you want for yourself – which I will be sharing!)

And instead of letters, which by their nature are long (we could all use less to read in our inbox yes?), I’ll be coming by with comets of love… I call them Divine Sparks from the Heart. Sometimes they will be videos, other times audios, sometimes poems. Easy for you to receive, all in service of helping you stay attuned to YOUR HEART and SOUL … to live more in the FLOW… in LOVE… in HARMONY… so you can live truly free to never settle for less than your heart and soul desire.

I look forward to serving you in ways that fill your heart and soul even more, as we each dare to stand up to conventional wisdom to always follow the truth of our heart and soul wisdom!

with great heart,


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