Divine Self-Love Spark: What Inside of You Needs More Space to Express?

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A DIVINE SPARK FOR YOUR HEART – a comet of self-love light to guide you to a deeper connection to your own soul’s truth, sent right from the heart of Umbria, Italy, from my heart to yours.

5 minutes.

You, me, your heart and soul, & the Divine.

Watch the video. Open Your Heart. Listen to your Soul…. what inside of you is being neglected, craving the space to express itself. Nourish your heart and soul, create space for yourSELF inside your busy life.

Its the new moon – open to RECEIVE more for YOURSELF because the more you fill your chalice, the more you can give, without depleting yourself. Now that is self-love!

A little about the new moon… The new moon is a time of surrendering and opening to receiving. A time to consciously open yourself up to receive what your heart and soul crave, which is deeper within than what ideas your mind may think or ideals your ego may desire.

Watch the video. Receive the divine spark.

 Wherever you are today, remember that no one but you can tune into the truth of your own heart and soul, and tuning in requires slowing down. Are you willing to slow down for just a bit in the darkness of this new moon and feel into what it is your heart and soul are calling for?

I’ll be under the sky with you tonight from the Umbrian countryside – be sure to look into the darkness of the sky tonight!  Instead of under the Tuscan Sun, we will be under the Umbrian New Moon!

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