Does Your To DO List Stress You Out? Make More Space For You and Thrive

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Watch this video and use this self-love practice to create more space for yourself in your life and thrive – by taking back YOUR power over your to do list.

Super woman to super wo/man consider this a big huge permission slip that says
“You don’t have to do so much.
You can stop pressuring yourself to get it all done.
All this overworking and feeling like you never do enough isn’t healthy, it’s not making you happy, and
We just are not living this way any longer!

It’s time to thrive as women.

I am inviting you to take a stand with me and women around the world to say ENOUGH!

ENOUGH with trying to get more done in a day than is humanely possible and then feeling like crap at the end because I’ve spent too much of my energy and I still didn’t get it all done, so even if I did do alot, I feel like a failure. (sound familiar?)

Or how about ENOUGH with waking up with our to do list running through our minds running us like energizer bunnies gone mad through our day, so that we can’t even pause to take a break to pee, eat lunch and enjoy it, take a walk with our mate, or do the things that bring us joy. Instead, overworked, we numb out with TV, food, sugar to deal with the pressure we are putting on ourselves to do so much.

Let’s make it so that your TO DO list supports you to THRIVE instead of drive you nuts!

Mantra_Self Love_1

This summer, in the name of self-love, I invite you to join me to throw off your super woman cape, peel off the pressure, and take a stand for DOING your life differently… in a way that brings you success and happiness but not at the cost of your health. A life in which you THRIVE not just try and survive!
The way we are living is unsustainable. We can do our lives differently – from a place of self-love, feminine power – to create more freedom for ourselves.



I will be here all summer leading the way. I invite you to stand with me shoulder to shoulder in sisterhood to create a world that is more sustainable and supportive for us, our children and our families — now.

It all starts today -with this video I made for you, a special invitation to your heart to say NO MORE to letting your TO DO list strangle your happiness and stress you out. I’ll share with you a small but mighty practice I used to reform my relationship from one of stress to one of spaciousness.

Take it and then join me for the OVERWORKED, OVERWHELMED AND OVER IT! global virtual gathering where we women take a stand to create lives in which we THRIVE not just survive.

Click here and go to to register for free.

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