Are You Over Giving? 6 indicators you are giving too much & not receiving enough

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Watch this video and see if you have any of these indicators of OVER-giving to others – people, projects, etc – and as a result, not getting enough of what you need.

And then consider this…

Do you believe that…

It is okay to give to yourself even more than you give to others?

Do you believe it’s possible? And do you understand how life critical it is not just for you, but for the people and things you care for?

This self-love statement, which I am suggesting we all adopt as a belief this summer, is actually a life saving device I am throwing out to exhausted, depleted, overworked people everywhere.

We shouldn’t have to feel guilty about taking care of ourselves or choosing ourselves first. Giving to yourself doesn’t make you selfish, a narcissist or mean that you stop taking care of the people or projects you love.

In fact the more you give to yourself, the more you have to give to others and that is just simple math.

Think of it this way, most of us are like banks who only give withdraws (giving to others) and we don’t take in enough deposits (receiving for ourselves), so our personal emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tanks become OVERdrawn… depleted, we get exhausted, crabby and resentful, and no one wins.

The reason most of us feel out of balance is because we are OVER giving and under receiving.

Because you have to take care of your kids, or you have to go to work and do your projects, or even because you want to give to these things, if you are not filling up, you are draining your tanks, serving from your reserves and in the end bankrupting yourself!

How do you know if you are OVER giving … and as a result OVER drawing on yourself?

Luckily there are indicators of OVER giving and under receiving, and when you know what they are, you can get yourself and your life into more balance, into a state where YOU FEEL TAKEN CARE OF as well as everyone else and everything you spend so much energy taking care of.

In the video I share about 6, and if you want to take the full assessment with the 33 indicators plus get some insight on how you can shift this equation so everyone wins, then go here, RSVP for the Overworked, Overwhelmed and OverIt gathering and I will send you the assessment and you’ll get to hear the call where I share some ancient wisdom modified for modern life on how to get your scales into balance.

Women in the 60s danced in the fields for freedom. In the 70s they marched. Today we stand together and say ENOUGH to living these unsustainable lives, and we use our feminine super powers to shift the realities we live in from the inside out.

are you over giving self care assessment

Go here to get the assessment ….

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