Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

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Watch this video to see how you are putting pressure on yourself by having too much on your plate, and then keep watching & we’ll take the pressure off together!

As a recovering over-doer, I have to constantly be on the watch out for trying to stuff more in a day or week than possible. Which means having to make choices to either 1. Release or 2. Retime things that my mind doesn’t like, but that my soul is calling out for. Because the truth is…

When you try to do too much, when you take more on than is really humanely possible to get done in a day, a week or a season, you suffer, and who and what you love suffers.

I don’t know many people who don’t crave more spaciousness in their lives, more time to do what they love, more time to just be and have fun. And I don’t know many people who don’t feel the pressure of the tremendous amounts of things that need taking care of. But I do know that there is no fairy godmother who is going to come down and wave her magic wand to take all the TO DOs, WANT TO DOs, and HAVE TO DOs off our plate. We have to be the ones who are willing to move some things off our plate – sometimes for good and sometimes just for another time. And those choices can feel SO HARD to make.

So in the video above I share with you three of my super power self-love practices for taking the pressure off to create more space for taking care of me and what i love, including:

1. Release!! Retime! Give Yourself What YOU Need Even If That Mean Disappointing Another
– You know you can’t possibly do all you want to do, and there are somethings that will take from you and others that will fill you up. Get really honest with yourself about what YOU NEED, and from that place of caring for YOU, make your choice to release or retime.

2. Ask for Love Buddy Help & Receive Permission – You know you can’t get it all done, you know something has to move, but you are putting pressure on yourself to still try and get it all done. You can’t help yourself here. So you need to bring in love buddies to help! Reach out to a friend or someone you trust and ask them to give you permission to release or retime at least one if not more things. You need someone else to give you the permission you can’t give yourself.

3. Ask for Divine Timing Assistance – your mind has an idea of when something should be done, but the Divine and your Inner Wisdom know how to time things right so that you don’t have too much on your plate. Pause and ask for divine timing guidance, “What is the divine time for this?” And then be willing to move it a day, a week or even a season.

Now it’s time to take action!

First, Admit you trying to do too much…
Second, claim ITS TOO MUCH!!…
Third, release or retime, with self-love?? And share on the blog.

So you heard mine …

I am trying to do too much… I am trying to finish my book proposal, move houses, spend time with Noah, see my friends, go on a house walk, do yoga, write up my summer program, and write the love letter, all in the next three days. ITS TOO MUCH!! I choose to RELEASE writing and sending a love letter, and that is okay.

Now your turn… post your Release and Retime here and reclaim some SPACE for yourself!

If you want more support on making self loving choices for yourself, consider joining me at The Love Club, where I will be your self love guide and catalyst, and a tribe of over 400 people will be with you to support you in making the choices that sustain and support YOU! Click here to learn more

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