Why Visionary Women Need Time to Vision Quest Every Year

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What is a Vision Quest and Why Do We Visionary Women Need to Quest?


Hello beautiful visionary revolutionary woman –

As far as we can tell, we visionaries are different creatures. We just are not like everyone else. We need space to tune into the unseen. To listen. To touch into how our visions are calling us forward. We need time to take journeys behind the veils to hear the call of our soul. And then we need to find the keys to help us bring that vision into form, here in the now, on the planet, in real ways that can serve people, and serve us. This kind of journey often requires a visionary vision quest.

In the past two months, we have both taken vision quests of our own – Shiloh in Europe and Christine in Hawaii, to listen deeply to what is wanting to emerge in this next evolution of our own sacred paths. As we both visioned on our own, we also felt the burning call from the divine to create the space to vision quest for visionary women this October… are you coming??

If we haven’t gotten your RSVP yet, send it in this weekend, we are already over half full and expect to have all seats full. Go here to RSVP now.

Whether you are able to join us or not on the mountain side in California, we are sending the call to all the visionary revolutionary women that there is something occurring at this time that is calling us all forward to Vision Quest… to use our most powerful tools to listen to spirits guidance… to press pause on the busyness so we can attune to our bodies and our souls truth… to remember more deeply than we ever have who we are, why we are here, and what is calling us forward to bring into form now.

I, Christine, taped a video for you from the volcanic mountain I’ve been visioning with to share with you a few pieces of wisdom all of us visionaries could use about now.

Take a few minutes to tune into the bigger call that is occurring for us visionary revolutionaries.

In the video, I’ll share with you:

  • What a Vision Quest is – from my viewpoint
  • What visionary women need to find the answers they seek
  • How the land plays a part in our ability to bring our visions into form
  • Why the time of October is so essential to our visionary process
  • How to use the visionary energies available to you this Fall Equinox and Harvest Time to bring your vision into form.

Wherever this finds you today, we witness you as the revolutionary visionary you are – whether you are emerging for the first time, or re-emerging like a butterfly in a new iteration of the soul expression that you have been shining on this earth.


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