Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back & FLY!

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I have a question for you today, and it’s important. Really important.
So important that I am going to ask you to take 5 minutes right now to watch this video I taped for you – this week’s love letter. Take a best friend moment with yourself, and tap into your Inner Wisdom for some wisdom that’s going to help you stop holding back from really going for you greatest life.

I am on the East Coast talking with people about all the ways in which we hold ourselves back from being free – free to live the lives we were destined to have. (just got here after packing up my house so I could be totally free to live my dreams – yikes! and yahoo!)
Quick but mighty truth… We ALL hold ourselves back for different reasons at different times…

The difference between those that LIVE our dreams and that dream about our dreams, is being able to see what’s holding us back, and moving it out of the way so we can FLY.
And today, I invite you to take one giant step for yourself to let go what is holding you back from living the life you want RIGHT NOW!

FLY baby FLY!

And then tell me here on this blog – what is it that you are letting go of and taking a step forward into your freedom so you can FLY!

And remember… be compassionate, gentle – you know no judgement or undue pressure on yourself! Flying isn’t pushing, it’s allowing yourself to expand into your truth with grace.

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