Use Fear to Create MORE Love

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Wherever this finds you today, I am bringing you a big boost of the energy to tap into… see past those fear feelings and connect into the power of what love can give you. (And I invited the BEST guest for this week’s video love letter, you are going to love her and what she has to share about fear.)

I taped this love letter for you when I was with Rhonda Britten 4x best-selling author and founder of Fearless Living in Los Angeles last week… and of course, you know how the universe works, you teach what you also need to learn. So Friday night, the night before LOVE FEST in Chicago FEAR showed up knocking on my hotel door. I let it in using the techniques we share in this video… and it worked. I created more love, stepped into my gifts and had a super powered, love generating experience.

Now it’s your turn!
And then join us Sunday 2/17 for a event all about YOU choosing LOVE over FEAR in your relationship to yourself, to others and in the choices you make for your life.
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Sunday 2/17 – Fearless Love – Open Your Heart and Life to Infinite Amounts of Love – Los Angeles or Video Streamed.
Video-Love Streamed around the world, you can come in person to Los Angeles or video-cast in for this super powered afternoon all about breaking through the walls and fear that keep you from being Wealthy in Love. Increase your Love Quotient – your capacity for receiving love and activate your Trinity of Love – three sources always available to you to feel loved. $35 in advance.

Read more and Register now!

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