When Terrible Thing Happen… What You Can Do

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  • Debbie

    Thank you, Christine.

  • Sabra

    That was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. I am one that tends to isolate after horrifying events and actually am coming out of a time of years of extreme isolation. I don’t want that to come back and your message was perfect for helping with that. Sabra

  • Marlene

    I let myself grieve last night even as I turned toward God (love) and today I noticed my heart is wider open….the way I spoke to and treated the people who served me today (esthetician, grocery store clerk) was very loving and welcoming. It was very beautiful!! I feel more connected today and I’m grateful for that.

  • Carol Wright

    Thank you for reminding me to fill my heart with love and to ask myself how I can give more love and receive more love instead of wallowing in sadness from the pain of this tragedy.

  • Carol Wright

    Thank you for reminding me to fill my heart with love and to ask myself how I can give more love and receive more love instead of wallowing in sadness from the pain of this tragedy.

  • Linda Graziano

    Christine, Thank you so much for your message. I really felt the same way…. that we need to have more compassion toward all – the children, families, but also to the perpetrator too. It is obvious that he did not feel love at the time…It is time we reconnect as a society within ourselves and toward each other. There are so many people who are disconnected from their true selves, and your message of Self-Love is so very needed.
    Thank you!
    Blessings, Linda Graziano

  • Janette

    Dear Christine, Thank you for opening your heart to all of us and for sharing, I know that the only thing that will heal anything is love,Now more then ever is a time for all of us to start with the love for our self,s and then we can see and love everything outside of ourselve,s.We are all in a great Transition now on Planet Earth, and I want to thank you from my heart to your heart for all that you are doing to help us all.As we must all clear the old Believes and old pattern,s that are not working for us any more, May you and your loved one,s have a Beautiful Loving, Merry , Magical Christmas, Love and Blessing,s Janette.

  • Linda Peck

    Thank you for sharing that message!

  • Hannah

    Thank you for this message and for encouraging us to choose love.

  • Janice Rose

    Dear Christine, Ambassador To Love,
    Thank you for your heartfelt message about the Newtown, Conn. murders…for the loss of those innocent children; may their parents find the most solace possible. (Words sometimes, are not
    the most fulfilling offerings, but actions & shared feelings can be
    more significant.)
    The universe may be calling each of us to take the actions you mentioned, & more, as our heart-minds indictate them to us. The coming days of shared feelings, actions, prayers & grace will reveal what we each need to do. I celebrate that!
    Bless you on your “journey of love” wherever it takes you & your husband!!
    I honor your trekk of joy & discovery!
    Janice Rose

  • Ani

    Christine, thank you.
    Earlier this morning, I wrote to a friend: “We [humans] are One heart and that heart has been broken open to more love.” Your love letter is a beautiful invitation to give and receive that love within ourselves and our world(s). I am grateful for the two questions you offer as a practice
    You know, moments ago, before listening to your love letter, I noticed myself falling into an old pattern of feeling something akin to guilty for my priorities for this day ahead of me, guilty for having a normal life filled with normal activities. This kind of guilt is familiar to me from my childhood, growing up the daughter of Holocaust survivors whose trauma I could never assuage and in whose presence my “little” pains and needs seemed so trivial, even selfish, by comparison. I did not know then and am still learning that loving myself and treasuring my life was the starting place from which my love rather than my guilt or fear would flow into the world and the lives of others.
    Again, thank you.

  • Carmine

    Thank you, Christine–much love to you!

  • Kathleen Hanagan

    Yes yes yes. Thank you Christine. The tragedy opens us, and it is up to us what we do with it. What would love do?
    More love………

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