You Deserve Support … 4 questions that lead to finding and receiving the support you need

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You deserve support.

There is no question about that. Support is a form of love that we all
deserve, no matter what. And the great news is that support is
everywhere – when you know where to look, what to ask for, and how to
receive it.

If you are anything like me and most people I know, you love being
supported. You love feeling like you have the support you need to be
taken care of, do your great work, be successful and happy. And most of
all, when you feel supported, you feel loved. (Support is a form of

And like most people, sometimes, maybe even often times, it can feel
like you don’t have the support you need. Like everything is on your
shoulders. Like you are all alone. Or like there’s just not enough
support at all.

I’ve felt this way myself on more than one occasion, and one day I got
sick and tired (literally) of running the story line, “I don’t have the
support I need.” So I made a promise to stop focusing on what I didn’t
have and start focusing on what I desired – by really getting clear on
what kind of support I needed.

In this LOVE LETTER VIDEO I share that process with you.

So here’s a LOVE DARE for you… give up the story line that you are not
supported and embrace the story that leads to you getting the support you need –
watch this video, ask yourself the 4 questions, take a daring act of
love to find the support, and then open up to receive the support that

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Showing 7 comments
  • Diane

    It seems that I have been a support for people I love and
    wish to have friendship with.. spiritually, financially and
    emotionally by being thre for others, going and doing the extra mile for others
    But when I need some help ..even things at home…
    emotionally feeling down or physically get sick ..
    I ask for it … no response from others,
    No one has time and no return phone calls.
    This is all fine but how do you it when you are all alone?

  • Steve SIsgold

    I love this video. I saw it being filmed and loved it then. But watching it now as a video I was able to see and feel the brilliance of it even more. I feel supported by your energy and wisdom and free flow with your angel buddy in it. Your gift to the world, and your love tour rock!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for being part of my support. Reading your emails and watching your videos give me courage to keep going and to know that Im on the right track even when it does not always feel like I am. From someone who is sitting across the other side of the world Im so glad you chose to be so brave and go down this new path as you have touched my heart and I absolutely love your ‘love letters’.
    Thank you for being there for us all. Im on a journey to give myself the love I need its not been easy but your making my journey that little bit easier.
    Many thanks and much love.

  • William Moroney

    Hi Christine.
    Thank you for this love letter, and, for the others over the past year or two since I found you. This really touched reality with me. I am grateful to be able to ask myself these questions and hopefully find the support I am so profoundly in need of.
    With So Much Positive Meant For You,

  • Liz

    I love this! Thank you so much for being :our support.”

  • Mariana

    Thank you Christine!

  • Racquel V Singleton-Quiney

    I really enjoyed the video I really need support in some of the areas that was talked about,I am wondering how I can get the support I need in my coaching business and selling both of my books.
    Racquel V Singleton-Quiney

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