When You’re Scared to Shift & Go For Your Dreams… do this!

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So you know how you have those moments when you feel in your heart it’s time for a change? Time to change jobs, relationships, where you live.

Or those times when you can feel your soul calling you forth to take a big step forward to stop dreaming or talking about your dream or heart’s desires, and start actually living it? But fear has got you procrastinating, complaining, or reeling? Fear is telling you all the reasons it will never work. Especially when it comes to money (it loves to use money to freak you out and keep you doing what you don’t love, vs what you do!)

But the truth … which in the end will win over that fear… is that You WANT more than anything to be living what your heart feels inside… to be living the vision your soul knows is your destiny… You are just currently stuck or blinded by that crazy fear.

I get it – I’ve been there.

I’ve had to face my fears and make big changes again and again – especially when it comes to money. Leaving Chicago without a job to move to San Francisco to pursue my dream of working in fashion.

Leaving a cushy six figure corporate job to pursue my calling to write a book and teach the world self-love (that was not highlighted as a lucrative job option when I was getting my m.b.a.!)

And recently my heart and my soul calling me to go on the road for six months to meet and be with many of you in person – TEAM LOVE TOUR 2013, which means selling my house and going nomad!

It can be really scary to pick up the phone when the universe calls, get the assignment and then follow through – like WHAT???? You want me to do what???

But I know for myself, when I haven’t listened – the suffering i bring to myself is a whole lot more painful than feeling the fear that gets stirred up when I take a leap of faith.

Put into action the three tools I share with you – I use these myself – and then join me later this month for a full transformational session in Wine and Divine all about Stepping Forward In Faith… moving fear out and letting your dreams and visions be alive now.

Go here to read more about it here.

And then be BOLD and write down your dream, vision or heart’s desire here – where it can be witnessed — spray it with some FEAR BE GONE.. apply some FAITH DUST… and then join us at Wine and the Divine… lets get you going for it!

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  • Sivelia

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for your words… I’m in a middle of a project I know will help me to help myself and help others yet I can feel the FEAR taking over me to the point that I can’t help it but to cry. I’ve been saying to myself over and over and over that it would work, woman will be interested in what I have to offer to them… yet some times is helpful to hear positive words from another positive person, some one like you.
    In the video you mention something about a Golden circle of woman. This sounds like they support each other… believe it or not, I don’t have any friends or family I could ask for support or talk about what I’m doing… How can I be part of this group?

  • Holly

    Thank you Christine,
    Great and much needed message for today.

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