Are You Messing Up Your Manifesting?

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You spend all this energy setting intentions, making vision boards, studying the laws of the universe, trying to be a ‘good manifestor’ – you know manifest the things and the life you want. You put the effort in, yet still, something doesn’t quite click. What is going on?

In this love letter video, I share one BIG way we mess up our manifesting – by putting in our order to the universe and then not receiving it when it arrives right on our doorstep. In our little minds, we have a vision for what it’s supposed to be like, so when it doesn’t show up in that exact package, often you are missing something even better than what you asked for.

Watch the video – where I share my story how I was messing up my manifesting – and then take a daring act of love like I did to welcome in what the universe offered.

And then write down below in the comments, what you are RECEIVING today from the divine – saying THANK YOU DIVINE for delivering this to me…


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