3 Questions to Ensure this Year is Full of Happiness and Love

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It’s day 5 of the New Year and I don’t know
about you, but I can just feel all the pressure, obligations, and have
to’s trying to creep in to this beautiful month of January which is
meant to be all about dreaming in your year to come.

A year that you, me, everyone wants to be full of happiness and love.

That’s always how we start each New Year isn’t it? With those hopes?

And then we think if we are lucky, we’ll live and end the year that way.

But what I’ve learned over the years is that hope doesn’t really cut it.

Just hoping is like a crap shoot, and life’s too precious for that.

And being over controlling, or over goal oriented doesn’t work either.

Cuts off the miracles and the magic that your brain can’t even think of yet.

What does work is clarity…

Clarity that only comes from asking your heart & soul what THEY really want.

Because they’re the ones with the answers that lead you to happiness and love, always.

As my 2012 New Year gift to you, I taped this video…

It includes 3 questions that I believe every person should ask
themselves in these first few weeks of 2012… and then make your
choices from there.

I’m using these questions myself!

They are simple questions, and
they will make you clear on what really brings you happiness and love…
and lead you down the path of making decisions that lead you to where
you want to go… not just keep you busy.

AND I’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS… just like I shared mine. Post them below and I will bless them with LOVE!

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