The Feminine Super Power of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability … What is it?

A woman who owns her vulnerability understands that to be vulnerable is not weak, but instead is one of the strongest powers she possesses. For it is by being vulnerable that she allows herself to be seen by another as her truest and most innocent self. She can put the epicenter of her own self love on display – and by doing so invites the other to do the same.

Because she can open herself to be seen so deeply, this woman has the ability to receive love from another. When a woman is closed and protected, love cannot get in, no matter how much she wants it. It is only when a woman allows her heart to open that she has the capacity to receive love. How much love depends on how open her heart is, or in other words, how big her love quotient is. As she expands her love quotient, so does the love expand in her life.

A woman who stands in the power of her vulnerability has the capacity to accept and give love freely, unafraid that anything can or will be taken away from her.
She knows that when she is truly open no one can take love from her.

She is unafraid to show the raw, real feelings that live inside her soul
. She knows that they may not be received by everyone, however she does not let that stop her from sharing herself. She is smart in who she chooses to be vulnerable with, but she is not shrewd in her selection as that would close off her heart.

She knows that her expression of vulnerability can open up the heart of another, inviting them to show their raw and real self in return. She understands that this is one of the most potent powers of vulnerability – the ability to open up hearts, both hers and everyone her power touches.

Love You.pngBecause she is comfortable yielding her vulnerability, she always steps forward in love. She hugs big and freely. She trusts big and freely. She shares truthfully and freely. She is unafraid to cry, to tell the truth, to appear weak, to be wrong. Even if she knows she may get hurt, she believes it worth the risk.

This is a woman who understands that she cannot expect what she cannot give. So if it is intimacy she wants, she must be willing to create it herself. Vulnerability is the key to intimacy. One cannot access intimacy without vulnerability. This woman understands that, as she takes responsibility for creating safe spaces in her relationships.

She is unafraid to ask for or show the way to her partner to create this vulnerability. She is willing to be both student and teacher, as long as they both lean in and experiment together.

She is capable of sharing her raw feelings. Of admitting her weaknesses and fears. Of taking responsibility for her behaviors, no matter how hard they are to admit. And she does so without blaming, criticizing or passing judgment. She does so with an open heart, in spite of the fact that she may be afraid to do so.

What is your powerful definition of Vulnerability?

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  • Shirley

    WOW! And thank you, this really touched a cord in me. Something I have been battling with, so it was so appropriate when it arrived in my inbox earlier this evening.

  • Pat

    Christine: I hear you but this is exactly what I have done for 17 years with a man I was so in love with and thought he loved me. We had a deeply emotional, mental and physical connection that never seemed to waiver. We talked about how we had what most people never find in their lifetime. This past year he went back to his ex behind my back. He left me pennyless and homeless. He got his life set up and then just kicked me to the curb. I never saw it coming and I had to spend 7 weeks figuring it out on my own!, while we were still talking on the phone and he was still telling me he loved me and he denied everything. I was devastated and in shock. That was five months ago and I am still reeling, emotonally, mentally and financially. I will never trust another man as long as I live. I did everything right, I was vulnerable, we talked openly about our needs and feelings, we agreed we met all those things for eachother and here I am left to deal with the aftermath of not understanding because he did not and will not talk to me about why, what made him go in another direction? With no answers, I have no resolve. I didn’t see it coming and I don’t know how to put it behind me. I thought I had found the love of my life after two failed relationships. He took the best years of my life and here I am at 53, broke, on the verge of being homeless and I let a man do this to me. Will I ever be vulneable again? No, I don’t have the strenght to ever feel this excruciating pain again. It may work for some but the rest of us, it just hurts too damn bad!

  • Bobbie Graham

    Your words on vulnerability are so clear and direct, and so true. I can see how I personally hold back from others without even thinking about it. You’ve inspired me to change …. now. Thank you …
    Bobbie Graham
    Huntsville, Alabama

  • Charity

    Vulnerability-exposed openeness. Powerful. When I first hear this word it’s like a food I chew on for a bit but then must spit out. Too scary. Too raw. Leaving myself open to hurt, pain and possible embarrassment. However, if I don’t, how can I expect it of others? How can the world be a more understanding, hopeful and loving place if I don’t make the first move? So today (and hopefully everyday) I will be more vulnerable, will share my deepest (and often darkest) feelings with others. I will step out into the open arms of the universe b/c I LOVE ME!

  • Rebecca

    Very nice. 🙂 I whole-heartedly agree! The moment I am vulnerable with someone (who I am choose smartly to be vulnerable with), they really tune in and listen and bring themselves to me. Especially when I am vulnerable with some men I see walls go down in thuds and in their eyes depth and clearness like walking through a dense forest and a beautiful lake scene opening up before me when I get to the edge. It’s quite beautiful.
    It is especially interesting when doing so with a person who you might see at times maintain a lack of eye contact, a controlled and strong gait, and perfect tough words and jokes. Really bring the heart to them and see what happens 😉

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