What to do when you get smacked down by the universe…

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What to do when you get smacked down by the universe…
How to interpret the message and come out happier because of it.

No kidding… Last week the universe hit me in the head, literally!

What started as a spontaneous trip to the Ashram
Okay, I know the story is already kind of unusual, spontaneous ashram trips!
But as it turns out the Ashram of one of my original spiritual teachers
Just happens to be down the road from the wine country home
I’ve been writing my next book from.
Of course, there are no coincidences.

So Wednesday afternoon, unannounced, I stopped by
I was greeted with love, and lunch
Sat with a guru
Prayed for the removal of obstacles
And two hours after my spiritual bliss and
what I thought was the removal of any obstacles hanging out in my life,
I smacked my head right into one

Literally walked right into an open cabinet door
and received not just a bump
but a gash that at the time to me looked just as awful
as Harry Potter’s scarred head.
(more later on my magical medical adventure)

What the heck kind of answer to a prayer was that?

Prayer is powerful, no question.
I know that. I just didn’t expect what got delivered.
But when the universe is trying to get your attention.
It will do whatever it takes.

In what ways has the universe been trying to get your attention lately?
And have you been listening, or
Like me are you headed for a smack in the head?

I hope your message comes in a more gentle manner.
But just in case you end up with a more aggressive messenger,
I thought you’d like to be prepared on how to handle it.

So I taped this super-powered video
your new moon Love Letter!

Would love to hear from you about when you got smacked in the head from the universe –
What was the message and how were you finally able to hear it?


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