Love Dare #3: Collect Evidence of Love

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This Love Dare is one of the weekly love dares participants of the 40-day Fear Cleanse have taken… they loved it so much, and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with ALL of you! Enjoy!!

Step 1:
Schedule or spontaneously decide to go on an adventure to collect LOVE!
15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or an entire day.

Step 2:
Use all of your senses to find evidence of love everywhere — see, smell, taste, feel, and hear it
. Literally breathe love in, take note of loving exchanges between others, taste love in your food, smell love in a flower, hear love in a song or in a compliment you receive, feel love when you take a moment to hug your dog or do anything that opens your heart.

Step 3:
Actually collect the love – Throughout the day, using all your senses, seek out evidence of love, and collect it. You must capture this evidence of love somewhere, either by writing it down, taking a picture of it, sharing it with your social network, recording it on a voice recorder, whatever makes you happy. Pick your collection device of choice – a small pocket-sized notebook, a digital device you can write on, post it notes, or a camera you can snap pictures with.

  • Keep the awareness as much as possible during your day-to-day interactions.
  • Look for love even in the challenging moments.
  • Be alert for spontaneous acts of love. Take a love collecting field trip during lunch or in the late afternoon.
  • When you can’t take physical notes, take a mental note, by pausing in the moment, noticing the love and storing the event away in your mind and heart as evidence that love exists everywhere.
Share your evidence of love with us right here on the blog,
or if you have a photo you can share,
post it to our Madly in Love with ME facebook site
Share the love!
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Showing 3 comments
  • Cheryl

    Hey, this is a great idea! Keeps me busy finding positive and loving things and helps me to affirm them in my life! Gotta do this!

  • susie

    My first evidence of Love… you loving yourself enough to express your style and wear those Ridiculous sunglasses! I LOVE them! 🙂

  • Erin

    I love this. Every time we take time to notice positive things it can really have a physical effect, and from there actually make a small change in our Selves… Thank you Christine!

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