Trade in Your Fear For A Miracle This Full Moon

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The truth is that inside of me, hidden way down deep inside
Has lived a fear of rejection that no one could ever tell was there
Even me for many years.

Successful. Driven. Ambitious. Go Getter.
Fear of rejection? What are you talking about.

I am talking about the fact that we ALL have fear.
You have fear. I have fear. Everyone you know has fear lodged somewhere in our hearts and souls… and too often, we, me, let it hold us back from what our hearts and souls really want… we may not admit it, but we settle.

And right now
Right here in this moment
Your personal brand of fear – while it may not be rejection –
Is likely sitting on top of some dream or desire you have.

Telling you to play it safe.
Wait for tomorrow.
To be more practical.
Just do it on your own.
To settle for less.

But what if you didn’t have to settle?
What if you could move that fear aside (even if you didn’t know it was there until now)… and you could reach beyond comfortable,
beyond trying to make it happen all on your own,
into massive happiness and freedom,
where the universe was actually creating miracles on your behalf!

Today is the full moon – a super powered day of expansion.
Prime time for busting through limitation.
The best time for opening up to miracles.
Have you already got your full moon, miracle-opening, fear-busting moment planned?

Well, no worries, if you haven’t…I’ve got your back so you don’t miss out!
I taped this video for you,
where I’ll tell you all about the power of this moon,
help you connect to that “IT” you really want,
I’ll even expose my own desire and fear around this India thing and
use a very special friend to bust me through fear to love…
And, then my very special friend will even do the same for you.

Do you have 5-7 minutes to open to miracles today?

After you watch the video, I double love invite you to do 2 things to REALLY make this so

1. Make your one full-moon, fear-releasing, miracle-making action public… Post your stand on my blog or on the you tube page, and prepare to open yourself up to more than your mind can imagine.

Because here’s the thing – the power in all this isn’t in being able to manifest exactly what you want as your mind sees it. India Arie may or may not say YES to my request. But I will be different because I asked, because I chose love over fear. The power and the benefit available to you in this moment comes from choosing love over fear and expanding your own sense of what is possible, because in that expansion you open to more success…

and the truth is that almost always you receive something even better than you ever thought… that is the power of magic… that is the power of love… that is the power of the full moon!  Tap on in… watch the video… and…

2. Consider join me and my spiritual running buddy Gabrielle Bernstein for the BEST SUMMER YET… we are taking fear on, opening up the doors to freedom, happiness & miracles, and YOU ARE INVITED.

You can learn more about the 40-day Fear Cleanse by CLICKING HERE.

And if you haven’t listened to our free call on how we faced our own fears to become the happiest people we know – where we share 3 of the KEYS to having it all we found along our path, there is still time to listen LIVE on June 16th, or we will send you the recording. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE CALL.

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  • Jen

    Thank you for an inspiring video, Christine! I’m going to release my fears of trying to get it right and worry and figure it all out….and relax and trust in life!!
    Blessings to you and all on this full moon day!

  • Patricia

    I wrote this 2 days ago, before I signed up for the cleanse. But I still sense a fear of rejection in the post, so I’m pretty my joining in was meant to be:

  • Melany

    My stand is to break through my fear of not being good enough to finish my PhD. Thank you for this inspiring video!

  • Therese Pope

    Such a motivational video, Christine, and a fantastic reminder! Yes, today is a super-charged energy day with the full moon and total eclipse. It’s a time of rebirth and major transitory shifts and a great day to BUST through our fears. Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on sending India Arie an email. What we put out to the Universe is what we get back ten fold, so you never know – I have a strong feeling she’ll say yes. 🙂

  • carmen madrid

    i love your videos, you put so much passion in them!

  • Jennifer G

    I’m afraid of being alone. I had no idea I even had this fear until your call. I’ve always considered myself to be a strong, independent woman. Now divorcing and rediscovering who I am, it’s been fun and scary. I’m learning a ton but also feel vulnerable and alone and I’m embarrassed to admit it because for so long, I was the Queen of “me time”. I thought I had being alone down pat!
    I would like to conquer this fear. Get naked with it. See how it is impacting me and embrace it.

  • Carla

    Christine, thanks for sharing your story about what once used to be a fear of rejection that you have since overcome. Fear of rejection can be so debilitating, I know personally as I acknowledge that it has been one of my fears as well. I applaud you for stepping beyond your fear of rejection to ask India Arie to write the forward for your book. And yes, she is a great choice for a book about self-love! I remember her first CD–LOVED it! I look forward to reading your book and the India’s forward next year. All the best to you, Carla.

  • Shelley

    I love this video! I have already started releasing my fears… in my car in fact. I watched this and took a drive and spoke out loud all the ones that are holding me back.
    I release: my fear of having a crappy singing voice, my thoughts towards my thighs, my negative judgements on myself, & my fear of not being worthy of making more money!
    shew, I think I already feel better!
    Shine on Christine. Thank you for all your gifts of love.

  • michelle

    I’m going to express my feelings directly to a special person

  • Kathleen Kennedy

    Can’t wait to read your new book AND the extra special foreword by India Arie. Thy will be done! The YES is already in the making. 🙂

  • Lila

    My fear is the fear of not being good enough. I don’t have any specific action to conquer that fear other than to just start asking for what I want.

  • Linda Kennedy

    I love the full moon! I reject my fear of rejection. I step up and claim my dream of a painting studio for myself and to encourage others to create. Today I reject the constraints and negative thoughts I imagine others will say or do and stand in my light and in my BIGNESS! I claim my role of artist.

  • lakshmi

    great message, great delivery…I wish you love too …and I know.. I know.. she will write the intoduction to your sacred book. I am wishing you a basket full of moondrop miracles.. In the light lakshmiji

  • Kimberly Riggins

    I am ready to face my fears. I have never admitted this before but my two biggest fears involve being alone and not having enough money to live the life of my dreams. I know having that mindset is holding me back and I need to release those thoughts. I am so happy I found you and I am looking forward to the 40 Day Cleanse.

  • Shimmer Sheila

    Promise to connect more intimately, rather than close off relationships.

  • Maria

    Dearest Christine – I wanted to share a few things with you. First, I want to acknowledge you for this work you are doing – so important and so lovely. Always that gentle reminder that we are more than human and we can tap into all of it if we can align with our fears and move through them. I released a few last night but the most important one was the fear of not finding true love once again in a partnership with a man. I work with thoughts of feeling unlovable.
    I am in the second half of my life and have done lots of work around anything that disturbs my peace – including my fears. When I watched your video yesterday morning, I experienced the depth of your vulverability when you shared about India Arie and how you would like her to write the forward of your new book (light to that). This opened up new thought for me and decided to renew my love for her music. I am a singer, and always research music with life messages as well as just plain fun ones. I found her song “I Am Ready for Love” ( which is absolutely loving, touching and vulnerable – and I also believe is a challenging place for most of us to go to. Singing and finding that loving partnership are some of mine at this time. There are no accidents!! I am now learning this amazing tune to share with myself, others, and the Universe. I see it as an affirmation for what I want to bring into my life.
    I thank you for your beingness, for your love, and for sharing your vulnerability so I could move more into mine.
    Love, blessings and much light going forward with your work and your desires,

  • Teresa

    I’m going to release my fear of love. I kid myself that my fear is of being vulnerable and of being hurt and, while those are part of the fear, I am just afraid to love. Plain, simple, neurotic and twisted. Of course that means that I would have to change some of my behaviours….

  • Lucien Atkins

    Go Christine Go! Your video love-cast is still effective two weeks later! This morning I decided to go full steam ahead and roll over fear thanks to you! Your energy is so powerful. I have decided to join you on the Fear Cleanse, I may be late but I believe in miracles and I believe the Love of Me will propel me up to date. I too am looking forward to India saying Yes, Yes, Yes with all the passion I know she has. You are amazing Christine, and your work speaks of it all the way through!Blessings!

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