Give Yourself What you REALLY Want – Say NO to Fear

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Somewhere inside of you is a desire that you really want.

Something that you heart is like, Yes I want that!!

But for some reason, you don’t have it.

And that reason, whether you know it or not.

Is F-E-A-R.

I want you to have what your heart and soul desires.

You want that too.

And this summer, I along with my spiritual running buddy Gabrielle Bernstein are here to help – we’ve even invited some of the best miracle makers we know to join us too!

We are kicking this all off on this fr*ee call…. you can register, tune in, and prepare to make this the summer you stop holding back from having your all, and you start living it.


with love,

p.s. And while you are here – claim your heart and souls desire for the world to see. Tell Fear to fear-off! Use your power of self-love. And put you and your desires out here for us all to receive. I’ll read each one!


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  • Monica Flamenco

    Hello Christine,
    I would like to claim back my “certainty”. That even though I cannot see clearly how my new Life will manifest itself fully with Employment and Love, I want to be certain that it is just waiting for me and that I am “Right on Schedule”.

  • Lena

    Thank you for this Christine! As soon as you asked the question my eyes teared up and my heart swelled knowing the answer…and I know what’s been preventing it too..just like you said, the fear of rejection (having already experienced it, I fear it all the more)…and then the feeling of guilt, that somehow I must have been to blame, never being quite perfect enough and I seem to be getting into situations where I will be rejected again, and just when I decided to open up my heart again…anyway, I was only sorry to read this today (Friday) and miss the call 🙁
    but never mind, I love getting your uplifting messages and I am trying to love my Self more…
    much love to you too christine (hugs)

  • Earlene D Case

    I want to get over feeling guilty about anything that i have done in the past…and things that were done or i was talked into.. there over and done with i know, but sometimes they come back in your head, or nightmares…i would like to say i would like to forgive people that have hurt me or my family but there are a few i just really can’t and will never be able to ……fear of insecurity about trying something new and just getting out there and doing it… is too short not to, but i procrastinate about things…thank you

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