Are You Really Free to Have A Life That Makes You Happy?

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If you were to stop and look around your life

At your job

Your relationships

Your finances

Your responsibilities

The goals driving your decisions

How free do you really feel?

And if the answer isn’t SUPER FREAKING FREE … then why is that?

really what you, me and we are all working so dang hard for?

Because, let’s face it — we all do work pretty hard, and for what?

Money? Time? Security? …
or is what we are really after Freedom? Happiness? Love?

In the wake of thinking a lot about life and death these last few weeks,
(thank you so much everyone for all the loving emails, they’ve meant so much!)…
I’ve been having some deep conversations with the universe…
About the why so many people feel TRAPPED.

Why we WORK so dang HARD.
About why we WAIT to live the lives our hearts and souls yearn for.
How is it possible that our generation has more opportunity
than all the generations before us combined

Yet most people aren’t any happier?

Today, I can say that I have created a life in which I feel very free.

I know that I am one of the most free and happy people I know.

I still have a mortgage, a car lease, and people who count on me…

I still have aspirations and big dreams

I don’t live in a tent, and I haven’t had to relinquish my worldly possessions!

My freedom comes from within, from who and what I give power to.

To what I truly have faith in.

To what I trust most in.

It’s taken me 10 years of conscious decisions to get off

what I call the “Escalator to Death” … some it the call “The Road to
Nowhere”… and others call “The American Dream,” or what the American
Dream has morphed and twisted into: work your butt off, every day to
get farther ahead, amass more stuff, and create “enough” financial
security so that you can feel safe… or like you have finally gotten ‘there’ But most of us, even when we get ‘there’ just feel more trapped than we did before. Crazy!

After you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you about how you would like to be more free in your life — is it in

your career,

your financial freedom,

your relationships,

your self expression,

your capacity to let love in?

And then pick ONE step you will take in the next 48 hours to give
yourself more freedom in that area… claim it here on the blog (what you state you are a gazillion more times likely to do!) and watch your happiness and love
quotients RISE!

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Showing 13 comments
  • Grace

    I really shouldn’t be surprised that this ended up in my email box, especially since I was just writing about this very topic today (re: feeling ‘caged’ and without options (i.e., lack of freedom) where my job is concerned.
    Turns out, several of my readers feel the same way 🙂
    With your permission, I’d like to link to this post and video.

  • Mallori

    Thank you. I just cried, let out a good cry for the first time in about a year and a half. My (now) ex moved to Japan temporarily. He told me that he couldn’t stay with me if I couldn’t stop crying about him leaving. I forced myself to stop crying so that he would stay with me and I haven’t been able to cry since. I just cried. I cried because you were yourself. I am very serious, on a very intense spiritual journey. Not only do I not cry but I don’t laugh. After watching this, you have movivated me to be myself again. God bless you as you continue to share this with others. May joy keep exploding in your life. God please bless me and help me to laugh and cry again, help me to be me and connect me with my joy path. Thank you for the wonderful video.

  • Magda

    I will sit down with Me and Check in to see what she Needs. I will not Do, I will Be.

  • Sheryl

    Christine, thank you just doesn’t say it. I am more grateful than I even know how to tell you. What you’re saying so deeply resonates with me and is EXACTLY where I am in my life. This is what the cry of my heart is and I have felt SO trapped and deeply unhappy. Enslaved, most especially in regard to my job. Here’s to freedom. I need to know that it does and can get better because continuing the way I’ve been going is no longer an option.
    Best blessings and much love to you,

  • ann

    well done you certainly hit the nail on the head so to speak nice to see your smiling face . I was sad to see that your dog nanook went to heaven, you will have lots of wonderful memories. Ann

  • Jane Bilot

    Every time I watch your videos, I cry. I know you are speaking to me. Thank you. ♥

  • Elizabeth RIminton

    I claim my freedom to work less hard, to take things lightly and not to worry about financial income. In fact, freedom to TRUST in the universe and follow my HEART!

  • Vicki

    As a FT instructor, who teaches one class at another school and who does freelance work (single mom of teen) – I have more freedom because I stopped giving my FT position more than 45 hours a week. Which frees me up to do more freelance and spend time with my son.

  • Stacey

    I have jumped off the escalator to death! Thank you for helping me get to this happy and free place in my life.
    The last time I felt TRULY FREE was when I lived in Burlington, Vermont (1998-2000).
    Right now, I need financial freedom.
    In Freedom,

  • Astrid Maria

    There simply is no one around like this lady, that is what I say! You have no alternative but to love her and the love and commitment she oozes.. but that sincerity and genuinity especially, is what I have never found in someone who offers spiritual and human guidance. And believe me, I have heard some. This truly is the female way of offering spiritual guidance: showing up as you, with your magnificence paired to your vulnerability. Hooray for Christine!

  • Betsy

    Thank you for this message! How fabulous it is to do this process and realize that I feel free NOW! Is the picture of my life perfect? Maybe not by someone else’s standards, and yet, this morning I am free to love all that is around me, all that is in nature, everyone I meet, to watch the sunrise at a beautiful beach.
    Thank you for the reminder that we are all so blessed! Much love to you for your work! Do I want more… yes, and no… and I remain open to giving and receiving and miracles abound!

  • Rebecca

    Yes!!! I’m here with you all to bask in our own freedom and love. It’s so good to see that there are others who have gotten the biggest illusion of life… that we are only enslaved by our own mental constraints. This is a magical earth where love begets love. Just open the channel and the dream is alive. I must tell you that this note comes from someone who has recently broken up a long-term relationship, has NO financial security, $1000 dollars to my name and doesn’t even have a home right now! My reality could not be further from the Pottery Barn dream, but I could care less. Every day I step upon a magical earth living an incredibly creative and inspired existence with friends I love and a smile upon my face.

  • Jennah

    Hi Christine~ I found out about this video via your tweet. It felt safer commenting here than YouTube. 🙂 The last 2 minutes elicited a good inner cry (felt necessary & nurturing). I went back in time to That Girl & gosh darn it, she has everything I hope to have when I grow up again (plus wisdom to cherish this time around): freedom of self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, time, flow of fortune & freedom from debt.
    …I know that’s more than 1, so I’d have to say all of the above add up to the liberation of secure self-love. Thank you, Christine!!

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