I don’t have time to take care of me first! Do I?

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It’s self love practice day #10 — and the pratice i chose for these 40 days is the self love practice of taking care of me first. On this day I awoke to find myself feeling the burden of the day…  before the alarm even went off in the very comfortable bed I slept in, down-comforted bed in a hotel room in LA. I had of course set my alarm on my iphone 30 minutes prior to my wake up call at 7:30am, and I had also of course scheduled a phone meeting at 8am, a breakfast at 9am, and a video taping a noon – with somewhere in there doing my hair and makeup.

See, I said I was a recovering achievement junkie! So when I woke up this morning, and man did I want to hit snooze for two more hours, I made it to the shower, washing my hair with peppermint shampoo and thinking to myself my daily question for the next 40 days, “What do i need to do to take care of myself?”

Well for the last 9 days the answers have been things like take a walk, do yoga, start work at noon, but on this day, full of things to do, those answers were not an option. So what was the answer??  After toweling off and I walked around my hotel room like a white-toweled-headed yogini, pondering this reality, “Christine, your day is packed, there isn’t any space to take a nap, go for a long walk, so you better figure out a way to take care of yourself while being in the doing.”

So after said phone call (which was lovely), and 5 minutes before meeting said publicist, I sat down for 3 minutes with my crystals (of which I always travel with and which sometimes make for interesting security check point adventures) and I closed my eyes, tuned into source and asked the question again, “What do I need to do to take care of myself?”

Here is the answer i got, ‘Yep. Lots to do. Do it from your heart. Do it from your essence.” Then the voice went onto say, “If you do this, you won’t spend your fuel, we will fuel you.” Okay, so that was sounding good! I get fueled by the universe vs me doing the gassing up. Ok, so it gets better…. and then it said ‘Christine, when you get home at 9pm, rent Julia and Julie and love watching it. Noah is gone for the weekend, it’s just you, the dog and the Julias.”

So that is what I did… I did everything from my heart today… had a great phone call, did my makeup and hair, had lunch with publicist, and the best of all, showed up for my friend Carol Allen top notch vedic astrologer http://www.loveisinthestars.com and 50 women taping this rad DVD and CD series about attracting the love you want. I LOVE spending time with women and these women rocked!! We wrapped at 6pm, I was on a flight at 8pm, watched the Js and now here with you.

I am full of energy, and its 1:08 am — (which btw is the most magical number in the universe, google ‘the significance of 108’ for more info)…. because all day I was full of heart and therefore magic happened. I could write you a list of all the great things that happened today because I chose to come at them from WHY they were important to me vs. having to complete a task. And in that, I found space to take care of ME — success on day #10 of the self love journey.

So on those days of yours when they are jammed packed, how can you still find the space to take care of yourself?  One way is to start by coming from your heart and letting yourself be fueled by source vs. using your energy to do it all.

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  • Luci Gabel

    Christine, I love many of your posts. I loved this one even more. I’m moping around this morning not wanting to do the work it’s going to take me to get through a day that is BOOKED… but with things and people that I LOVE. I know that when I get started I fly through the day, but today I just want to sit at my computer and work on my upcoming blog, read motivational excerpts like yours, and connect with people via e-mail and Facebook! Your post was exactly what I needed to hear. Here I go – here’s to Source Fuel!

  • Christine Arylo

    Luci — I hope that Source fueled you up! I had a BOOKED day yesterday, and when I woke up and asked, what do i need to do to take care of me (self love practice that i am doing), it said, “Be in the flow.” So i just surrendered to that source energy and it really did fuel me throughout the day… until this last interview I scheduled at 6pm after doing a TV interview, a video documentary and a teleseries …. i was drained. And I overscheduled me. Achiever habits are hard to break, AND I learned another valuable lesson. … even source requires a break!!

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