Obsessive Thought Pattern #13: Why do I need a reason to relax?

As I sit here the day before the new year, I am committed to releasing all the old patterns that no longer serve me – or at least the ones I can manage to get out of my system in the next [...]


So What’s Winter Soltice Got to Do with Self-Love?

If you are like me, you probably grew up knowing nothing about Winter Soltice, except for noticing it on a calendar. As you grew up you probably learned that Dec 21st was in fact the shortest day [...]


PAUSE: Who are you stepping into 2010 as?

Don’t be an OX in 2010!  Just in case you didn’t get the memo last January, Chinese astrology told us that 2009 was going to be the year of the OX. I remember reading about the OX, [...]


Take Pause: Twiggly Danglers Must Go BEFORE the Year Ends

TWIGGLY DANGLER i couldn’t find a picture of one, so I will just have to define it here for you right now. the word comes from the imagination of my teacher Ariel Spilsbury. I think [...]


How You End 2009 is How You’ll Spend 2010

Trade in Overwhelm for the Power of Pause   Every year, it’s the same old drill isn’t it. We start off with the best intentions, with gusto, resolved to reach our goals and make this [...]


Using the Power of the Season vs the Power of Starbucks to Keep Your Energy High

Take a Pause: If winter is a time for slowing down, but we are feeling the pressure to speed up, how can we fuel our bodies from something other than a caffeinated paper cup?  I was sitting [...]


Take a PAUSE: How do YOU want to spend your holiday?

Bears never feel guilty about staying home for the holidays, so why should we? I was thinking again about those self-loving bears and how they spend the holidays. At home, in their cave, probably [...]


Why are bears hibernating, when we’re out shopping sales at Macy’s??

 TAKE A PAUSE  3 things self-loving bears can teach us about conserving our energy & money this holiday season, using the Feminine Super Power of PAUSE. It’s December, so what do us [...]