5 Reasons Why It’s Easier for Turkeys to Love Themselves

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While it’s hard to deny that not many of us would want to end up stuffed, cooked and on display on a dining room table today, like the fate of many millions of turkeys, after giving it much thought, I think that we can learn a thing or two about self love from our feathered friends. While, these big birds may have a shorter life expectancy than us homo sapiens, they’ve got it a heck of lot easier when it comes to loving the bird they are, just as they are:

5 reasons why it’s easier for turkeys to love themselves

Picture 22.png

1.  Being fatter is a plus.  These birds aren’t hoping their thighs are too small, they want them as plump as possible. And breasts? Make those bigger too! They get to eat all day long and never feel guilty. Self-love is easier when you are  not obsessed with how those calories are going to show up on your thighs.

2.  They all look the same, so there’s no bird comparison. No
inner mean birdie critics for these turkeys. Red gobblers, white heads
and brown feathers. I have them. You have them. Self love is a cinch when there is nothing for your inner mean girl or boy to compare you to and make you feel less than or not good enough.

3.  Their heads are too small to house an inner critic. Even if they did want to compare themselves, that tiny brain couldn’t create the synapses to create the thoughts we humans use to beat ourselves up. Self love is more simple when life is just about eating, gobbling and hanging out with your flock.

4. They’re naked. These birds aren’t hung up about their bodies because they are naked all day long for all the birds and animals to see. They are liberated! Add to that the fact that they don’t have to worry about designer labels and you can see how loving their bodies is a heck of lot easier.

5. They all have the same job, so no one feels substandard. As long as they make it to the Thanksgiving Day table as a respectable bird, they’ve done their job. Self love is easier when you are not comparing what you’ve achieved to everyone else. Self love is easier when you live in a society that’s not always telling you that what you have isn’t enough. Self love is easier when you can celebrate what you’ve accomplished, who you are and the impact you have on the world.

On this day of thanksgiving, it seems to me that we can all learn a thing or two from the turkey. Most of all, I wish us all to take a moment and celebrate ourselves.

Be grateful to yourself for yourself.
Be grateful for all that you have accomplished.
Be grateful for all the people whose lives you’ve impacted personally.
Be grateful for the chance to be YOU everyday for the rest of your life.


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  • Tarja

    I love this! What a great reminder to let go of the self-judgment and remember we’re all ‘humans’ in the end. Silly turkey heads!
    I am grateful for women like you Christine in which you share your light, love and honesty.

  • Catherine

    Funny and deep! You have a thing or two going for you Christine Arylo! I am so grateful for you!

  • LadyMel

    Miss Christine,
    I come to know of you through a Beliefnet article on Inner Confidence.
    That was an excellent article you wrote, and so is this on turkeys.
    You have a way writing things so that the a woman reader is led to feel good about herself.
    I appreciate you for the love and life you offer your readers. One of the first things we do when reading an article is look for ourselves in it.
    Therefore, as an African-American woman, we too have the same issues as women of other cultures. I want to make a comment specifically on the beliefnet article. I looked for another venue to address this, to no avail.
    I’m sure this was a decision made by those who publish beliefnet. However, I really wish there were more women of color in the photographs used in your article on Inner Confidence that was featured on Beliefnet website.
    We look for ourselves in articles we read. We look for ourselves in photos we see. We look to become the best we can be.
    Thank You,

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