Self-Love Tip #3: Give Up The Word Busy

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When someone asks you how you are, do you ever say “I am so busy! Or good but busy.” Try it now. Stop and say that word, “busy” over and over. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy.  How do you feel when you say busy? It makes me feel all wound up. No wonder since some of the definitions of busy Include “not at leisure; otherwise engaged” and “officious; meddlesome; prying.”

When you say the word busy and busy over again, you can actually feel the vibration of the word, it’s is like a bee buzzing all over the place. Remember bees are always busy buzzing. No time for play. They just work and work and work until the queen bee kills them. Not a good deal!

Love Fact:
Words matter. Words are sound and sound is vibration and vibration is energy. It’s like sonar that you send out into the universe from your voice box. The words we speak send out a vibration that tells the universe who we are and what we want. If you use the word ‘busy’ you in effect, telling the universe you have too much to deal with and you don’t want any more. So if you don’t like what you are doing and what is filling your time, use the word busy. It has a negative vibration that will tell the universe, “I am doing lots of things that are keeping me from what I really want to be doing.”  And the universe will help you take those things away. But, if you like what you are doing yet sometimes feel like it’s a lot, say something more like, “My life is really full right now, and I love everything that I am doing… and I could use some playtime!” Then the universe will gift you with that playtime instead of taking away what you love. It’s more words to say, but it’s worth every syllable.

What you need:

1. clarity on how you really love to spend your time
2. a willingness to be your own word police… listening for when you use the word ‘busy’
3. a willingness to try different words and notice their impact on how you feel and what you create


  1. Make the commitment. Say out loud, “I give up the word busy.”
  2. Go on word police alert. Notice when you use the word ‘busy’ to describe your current life state.
  3. When you say ‘busy’ notice how you feel and the energy it creates … does it make you feel good or does it close you down?
  4. Experiment with other words. When someone asks you, “How’s life?” Instead of saying “Busy.” Say, “It’s really full right now. I am loving what I am doing and I could use some playtime.”  Notice the difference in how that feels.
  5. Keep experimenting.
  6. After a week of experimenting, notice what you’ve learned. And take the vow again, “I give up the word busy.” This time stick to it.

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  • Life to Fullest

    I have read a lot of stories, tips, quotes about life and living it to the fullest and this one stands out. Others say that one of the hardest questions in life is about “life” itself and how to have it to the full but if we think of it deeply it will only come down to one thing “choice”. Living life to the fullest is a choice. We live the way we want it if we chose to. Some of us are just complicating life. Great post. More power to you.

  • Christine Arylo

    Life to the Fullest – thank you for bringing in the word CHOICE. When I think of my own life and I feel into the days I really do have self-love it is when I believe I have a choice. When I go to that place – the self love dumpster I call it – when I feel like the world in on my shoulder, I don’t feel as if I have any choice. In any moment we have the power to choose. And that is a great power -the power of free will backed by self love.

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