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Self-Love Dare: PURE PLAY: Do Something You Haven't Done Since You Were A Little Girl - Christine Arylo

Self-Love Dare: PURE PLAY: Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You Were A Little Girl

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When was the last time you picked up a football and kicked it across the yard and yelled “Score!” … or did a cartwheel, handstand or somersault in the grass … or skipped down the street singing your favorite song… (without looking around to see if anyone was watching.)

How many years has it been since you put your hair in pigtails and left the house? Or pulled out your makeup case and experimented for fun pretending like you were a runway model? Or picked up Mr. Microphone and slid across the floor Risky Business style singing your favorite song? Or made fart noises with your armpit (okay well maybe you never did that but I always thought it was so funny)?

If you are like most of us ‘adults’ walking around in our busy lives, the answer is “It’s been far too long!”

Somewhere between the age of 7 and 37 we get all bunched up and laden down with all kinds of rules, social norms and what I call ‘robes of repression’ that stop us from just letting ourselves totally go, with wild abandon, to experience the pure joy that comes from playing. Somehow we let seriousness and busy-ness take over the giggles. We let our to-dos take over our lives. And we start believing and living so many of the lies the love stealers told us growing up… “Don’t be silly. You can’t play until your work is done. Don’t do that in public, what will people think?”

We take our little girl, tell her to behave, be good, be responsible and act like a lady, and in effect we rob ourselves of the pure love that comes from letting ourselves just play! So today I dare you to liberate your little girl, to set her free to play with total freedom, to express and laugh and play. Today I dare you to…

Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You Were A Little Girl

Close your eyes and remember being 5, 7, 11 when fun didn’t involve credit cards. See yourself smiling, feeling great, just having fun. What are you doing? What are you feeling? If it felt good then, chances are it will feel good today, if you let yourself fully experience it. It might take you a little bit to get through the robes of repression to fully experience the joy, but I double dog dare you to do be your little girl again and do whatever it is that fills you up with pure joy, so much so that any of that adult worry, stress, or anxiety melts away, if even only for a short time. The more you keep letting play in, I promise the more that other gunk will stay away.

Just in case your memory is a little foggy due to those heavy robes of repression, here are some PURE PLAY ideas. Pick one, heck pick three or four, or do them all. Be crazy!

  • TWIRL. Twirl a baton or a baton like object. Make your own baton even.
  • SKIP. Skip down a busy sidewalk alone or with a friend.  When you skip you have to smile, it just happens. In fact there is an entire skipping movement started by my friend and publicist Kim Corbin, check it out http://www.iskip.com
  • DRESS UP. Play dress up in your closet or a friends. Or go to a store and play. Mix and match stuff you never would. Try on stuff that you never would.
  • CLIMB. Climb a tree, a fence or even a rock wall, with no agenda and no judgment. Just for fun.
  • MAKE UP.  Pretend you are a model with different looks from the runway. Crimp your hair like from the 80s. Make your face a painting. Go red lipstick and smoky eyes.
  • FLIP. Okay, maybe your backflip days are over, but do a cartwheel, handstand or somersault in the grass. After you do it, stop and notice how you feel (besides any body part that may slightly hurt).
  • HOPSCOTCH. Get some chalk and get ready for Sky Blue! Make a hopscotch and do it in public!
  •  Miss MARY MAC.  If you dig way down deep I bet you remember one of those slap your hands and sing things you used to do on the playground. Find a friend and have at it.
  • PIGTAILS & PINK. Guaranteed to bring out your little girl… put in some pigtails and put on some pink. And then go out the town, without a care for what anyone thinks.
  • COLOR.  A instant soul soother. Head to the stores, get your coloring books and box of 48 and have a ball coloring inside and outside the lines.
  • WEAR PJS WITH FEET.  Had to throw this one in.

To get more self-love dares, download a free copy of the Madly in Love with ME Kit at http://www.madlyinlovewithme.com

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  • Michelle

    I’ve just come back from lunch and I’ve bought myself….. a colouring book!!!! Just knowing that I have it in my bag has got me grinning from ear to ear. I can’t wait to get home and dig up my felt tips!

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