Self Love Dare #8: Stop Pushing. And Be Happy & Enough Right Now.

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For the past 38 years I have suffered from something I have come to call the Achievement Junkie Syndrome. I say suffered purposefully because although I joke about this Syndrome by giving it a funny name, I know that what this syndrome has cost me is no laughing matter. There’s nothing funny about being unhappy with what I have and who I am today, with having a sense of self-worth tied only to what I accomplish, and to having a constant battle with exhaustion and overwhelm due to my relentless drive to achieve that one last step on the ladder where I will finally be able to relax and declare I’ve made it.

After I left my corporate day job three years ago, making the decision to get off the treadmill up the corporate ladder to forge my own way in the world, I thought I had this junkie thing licked. Hah! Addictions die hard. In reality what happened was my need to achieve just got recalibrated, so instead of needing to make it to Vice President status, in my new role as an author, speaker, coach I just created a new expectation bar – to make it to Oprah status.

Three years later, sitting here today writing to you from Dallas Texas, on the heels of three TV interviews, a book appearance and more to come, I’ve come to a realization that I’ve had over and over again since embarking on this journey, but for some reason I think I just really got it. Let’s call it an “ephinany on the heels of a bunch of ephinettes.” You could say it feels like some large piece of wisdom just broke through and broke open a big piece of the Achievement Junkie in me, or maybe I finally was just ready to hear something the universe has been trying to get through for some time ☺

Here it is: woman on wheel.png
I am tired of pushing.

I am tired of pushing so hard to be in the place that I want to be, the place that I see for myself in my head but that isn’t the reality of where I am today. I’m tired of the effects of this pushing – exhaustion, working too much and forgetting to have fun, and feeling overwhelm to the point where my life feels like I am drinking out of a firehose, gulping for air between blasts.

So does that mean that I am tired of being an achiever? That I am just going to stop, throw my hands up the air and say forget it! Stop doing? Of course not! Being a person who achieves great things is something I really value about me. Being a person who needs to achieve those is like giving myself a death sentence. I love being an achiever, it’s the junkie that I am letting go of again, but this time for good!

If any of this is resonating with you, maybe you have some achiever junkie in you too? If you’d be willing to join me, I have a suggestion that we take this Self-Love Dare together. We all came to this world to give all that we can, and we also came to this world to receive all that we can. Both! So my dare to myself and my dare to all you sister and brother AJs, is to take these three vows with yourself and for yourself:

Stop Pushing. And Be Happy & Enough Today.
Take these 3 Self-Love Vows

1.    I stop pushing & I start receiving.

Pushing is a totally ineffective and exhausting way to make things happen. The wise ones use their super powers to set powerful intentions, set the action into motion, and then wait to receive the good stuff, letting the universe do the hard work for us. A wise man once told me, “Spend your energy paddling to the stream that’s already flowing, not trying to create your own stream.” Another said, “Don’t try and climb Mt. Everest by yourself, find others who have climbed it before you, ask for help and pray for good fortune.”

2.    I am happy today.

There is no magic ‘there’, the place that we imagine that when we get there we will finally be happy. Stop saying, “When I move … when I get this promotion… when I make this much money… when I get on Oprah… I will be happy.” Making your happiness conditional on outside circumstances never makes you happy, and it makes you miss the moments of magic in your life.

3.    I am enough right now.
Even if you do nothing else that what you have already accomplished in this lifetime, you are enough. Your success is not measured in how much you do or do not accomplish, it will only be measured in the hearts and souls that you touch while on this earth. That can be accomplished only by being truly present and authentically yourself with other people – no title, bank statement or accolades required.

Take the Vows
To take these vows one must literally say them out loud. Three times, it’s the magic number! Even better stand up, look in the mirror and say them to yourself with conviction and with love in your heart for you! Self Love is a daring act, because it does require us to do some seemingly oddball things, that are only really oddball because they make us uncomfortable. And to quote my third wise man of the day, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable!” I’m heading off to the mirror right now – what are you waiting for??

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