Self-Love Tip #13: Play the Pause Game

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So often we go through the daily just going from task to task, totally not present to what’s really going on just in that moment. It’s like we are already on to the next thing before we have completed or enjoyed what we are doing right now. I think this is how why we have become human doing machines instead of being the human beings we were meant to be.

Love Fact: When you are really present in the exact moment you are in, you can finme_logo_small.gifd and feel total happiness and joy. Because there is nowhere else to go and no one better to be, you can just feel the goodness in the moment right now. This is how we start to remember that we are enough right now, in this moment. And that is a big self-love aha!

What you need:
1. a commitment to play the pause game for a specific amount of time, like one week
2. a memory that will turn on and remind you to pause (relax, we all have this covered!)

How the Pause Game Works:
At random times throughout the day, you will say the word “Pause” to yourself, and in that moment you will be absolutely present to whatever you are feeling, whoever you are being, and whatever is going on around you in that moment. In this moment, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go… all you have to do is BE.

1.  Make a commitment to how long you will play the game for. At least a week is recommended.
2.  Remind yourself each morning that you are playing the Pause Game.
3.  Throughout the day, at totally random times remember to call “PAUSE.”
4.  When you brain remembers to say PAUSE, stop in your tracks.
5.  From this place of being, notice exactly how you feel. Stay in this place for a few minutes.
6.  Notice what it feels like to be totally present, without anywhere to go and be.
7.  Remember the feeling.
8.  Go on about your day until the next time you call “PAUSE.”
9.  Start the PAUSE sequence again from step #5.

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  • Dawn @GirlfriendCeleb

    Hi Christine, this couldn’t have arrived in my inbox at a better time–as I’m racing around trying to get things done before going on vacation, and contemplating a working vacation to boot! Thank you for the reminder to pause. I’m really going to work on that!

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