Self-Love Tip #27: Find Your Personal Push…. & Let it Go

It’s crazy how often we spend way more effort and emotion than we need in order to reach our goals, organize our lives or ‘do’ all the things we have set out to do in a day, a [...]


Self Love Dare #8: Stop Pushing. And Be Happy & Enough Right Now.

For the past 38 years I have suffered from something I have come to call the Achievement Junkie Syndrome. I say suffered purposefully because although I joke about this Syndrome by giving it a [...]


Self-Love Dare: Do A Daily Pause Practice

I started meditating about 8 years ago when my therapist suggested I try this daily pause thing. I remember trying to empty my mind and do the meditation the ‘right’ way – so [...]


Self-Love Tip #13: Play the Pause Game

So often we go through the daily just going from task to task, totally not present to what’s really going on just in that moment. It’s like we are already on to the next thing before [...]