Self-Love Tip #30: Get A Hit of Pure Love Daily

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Thumbnail image for me_logo_small.gifThere are sources of pure love all over this planet – babies, animals, flowers, trees, stars – that you can use to let love into your heart, and experience the high that comes with feeling pure love. Taking in a hit of pure love is an instant way to expand your love quotient.

Love Fact: Experiencing pure love goes right through your protection layers to open up your heart, which ultimately lets more love in

What you need:
1. a list of pure love sources
2. a heightened awareness of the love sources that are right in front of your face every day
3. a willingness to take a pause during your ‘busy’ day to feel the love from the pure love source

The actions:
1. Make a list of 10 sources of pure love. These are the most innocent, non-threatening things on the planet to you, which make you smile or warm your heart. See the list below for some starter ideas.
2. Carry the list with you and every day make it a point to notice when one of these pure love sources appears.
3. When a pure love source appears, literally stop what you are doing and connect with it by:
4. Imagine letting the love into your heart.
5. Actually feel your heart expand.
6. Smile.
7. Feel your love quotient expand.
8. Say thank you.
9. Go forward into your day with gratitude for experiencing that pure love.

Pure Love Sources

1. Babies
2. Puppies and Dogs
3. Kittens and Cats
4. Okay, any animal other than those that scare you
5. Flowers and plants – seriously, look at how beautiful and perfect a flower is sometime
6. Trees
7. A hug
8. A person skipping
9. The ocean
10. Stars
11. The moon
12. Blowing bubbles
13. Dark chocolate savored while eating (who could argue?)

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