Self-Love Tip #18: The Self-Love Serenade

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Love Tip #18:  The Self-Love Serenade

Inspired by Amy from California

On the way home from work, I started
discussing (with myself) all the reasons I love Amy.  It was not
exactly the same as the repetition, but saying all the reasons out loud
felt great. By the end of my drive I was in tears. I realized that no
other person I encounter in this life will ever be able to know or love
all of me, not all of my years or stories or scars.  Not one other
person will be able to appreciate everything it’s taken to become
exactly who I am right now. I found hundreds of reasons to love myself,
and the only person who really could know them all or even NEEDS to
know them all – is me.  It was a very powerful and  pivotal moment,
completely shifting my beliefs about loving myself – I realized I was
just scratching the surface.”  — Amy

The Self-Love Serenade:
It may sound a little crazy, but it’s guaranteed to bring you love…

Love Fact: You’ve gotta know and own what you love about you!

What you need:
1. 30 minutes free from all other distractions
2. 30 minutes alone

The action:
1. Turn off all electronic devices – that means for real off.
2. Tell everyone else to go away – so take a walk, a drive, a bath, just do it alone
3. Start a conversation with yourself by saying, “Hi <insert name>. I am dying to know what you love about me. Can we talk?”
4. Begin saying out loud all the reasons you love you. “I love me because…” or “What I love about me is…” Say it, proclaim it, even sing it.
5. Keep saying what you love about you until you feel some kind of breakthrough – you cry, your heart opens up, you laugh, something that indicates you are letting the love in.
6. Stop and let the love in. Feel how much you really do love you, and feel how much that love has to start with you.

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