Love Tip #21: Date Yourself

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Zany, yet proven,
Love Tip #21:

Date Yourself

Some people say they date or marry their best friend. What if that person was best friend #2, and you were best friend #1?

Love Fact: The fastest way to becoming your own best friend is to spend time with her, lots of it.  You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever knew.

What you need:
1. ideas for dates, things that you would really love to do
2. a willingness to do them alone, even if that means people stare at you, feel sorry for you or put their weirdo judgments on you
3. a force field against such people (listen if you are eating alone at a spendy romantic restaurant out of choice, who cares what they think!)

The actions:
First steps:
1. Make a list of 10 places you want to go, activities you want to try, events you want to attend over the next 6 months.
2. Pick three to start with – one that’s easy, one that’s exciting, and one that seems a little scary or weird to do on your own.
3. Schedule the actual dates with yourself and put them on the calendar.

Pre Dates:
4. Take any action required to make the date happen, just like a good date would.

Day of Dates:
5. Prepare for the date like you would if someone was picking you up. Look your best. Feel your best. Dance around your living room.
6. Be with yourself completely. Not on the blackberry, cell phone or computer. Treat yourself like you would expect a date to treat you. How would you feel if they started texting during dinner?
7. Talk to yourself, out loud or silently. Notice what you like, dislike. Smile at your quirks.
8. Do the little things that are going to make you happy. Buy dessert and share it with yourself. Pay extra for a better seat.

Post Dates:
9. Come home, put your favorite jammies on, make some tea and turn on some soul happy music. (recommended India Arie)
10. Journal about your date. What did you love? What did you learn?
11. Go to sleep happy knowing that you really are a fantastic woman!

Tip testimonial:
I actually went out on a date with myself today like you
suggested in your book.  It did feel awkward but I will get the hang of
it the more I do it… it is the best therapy I have ever
received!   —

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