Love Dare# 3: Make A ME-Love Map

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me_logo_medium.gifLove Dare #3:
Make A ME-Love Map
know your personal journey of self-love

Did you know that you were born totally and 100% in love with yourself? That’s right, love was oozing out of you, everywhere. You were walking, talking love. And you lived this way for some period of time – how long differs for all of us. But the thing that is the same for all of us unfortunately, is that at some point that love time ended. And it ended because a love stealer found you and put a crack in your self-love. That initial crack opened the space for more love stealers to come in and before you knew it, the spaces inside you that used to be pure love were full of gaping holes.

Love stealers come in all forms – parents, siblings, kids on the playground, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends – and unfortunately they attack every one of us. Which means that the love stealers who caused your wounds had wounds of their own caused by other love stealers – and it’s those wounds that cause them to hurt us. It’s a crazy love stealing circle!

The only way out of this circle is to go back and fill in all those holes with love, your love for you. Most of us don’t figure this out until we are older – fortunately it’s never too late to fill yourself back up with love.

DARE:  Make A ME-Love Map. Take a trip back through your entire life and map out your real self-love journey.

To make a ME-Love Map take an adventure back throughout your entire life – from when you were the littlest person full of innocence and love… to the moments when the love stealers showed up… to the protection and armor you built in response… to the journeys you’ve taken to heal and fill up your wounds with love… to the person you are today. Journal that adventure – write it, draw it, paint it, do a combination of any of this just make sure you document it. And then go back and find your own personal revelations. What do you see?

ME LOVE MAP starter tips:

  1. Set some time aside to take this journey. Bring supplies with you like pens, pencils, computers, paper, notebook. Make it only you time. Give yourself at least 1-2 hours.
  2. The Beginning. Start with who you were as a little ME. Write or draw who you were, what you loved, what you saw. Tap into the magic that was you when you could still feel the innocence.
  3. The Love Stealers. Start to let the love stealers back in, remembering the events that caused the holes to form. Actually draw these events as holes on your map.
  4. Building the armor. How did those events make you feel – write down those emotions. What did you do in response to these love stealers and holes? Sketch out the armor that you built around yourself and your heart.
  5. The Dark Ages. How long of a period did you spend between the time your armor was in tact and before you started letting real love in again?
  6. The Awakening. When did you start to crack open the armor to let love it? What did you do to crack it open.
  7. The Healing. What did you do to heal the holes? Pour love in?
  8. Today. Where are you today?

Once you’ve finished your ME Love Map, ask yourself these questions?
1.    What parts of you are you remembering to love again?
2.    What parts of the little ME do I want to bring forward into the now ME?
3.    What is the AHA for me here?

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