Self-Love Truth: If You Want Love, You’ve Got to Be Vulnerable.

If you read the common definition of vulnerability in the dictionary, which is “capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon,” it’s no wonder most of us [...]


Self-Love Tip #30: Get A Hit of Pure Love Daily

There are sources of pure love all over this planet – babies, animals, flowers, trees, stars – that you can use to let love into your heart, and experience the high that comes with [...]


Self-Love Dare #5: Do the Love Stare & Let Love In

When I first did this dare about six years ago at one of the first spiritual-pooloza-like conventions I attended – five days in the Palm Springs desert with some of the most influential and [...]


Love Dare #4: Give Up All Negative Thinking & Talking, Yes All of It.

Two months ago I had a moment. You know one of those moments when you have just had enough. Frustration. Exasperation. A realization that enough is enough and it’s time to make a change. [...]


Love Tip #21: Date Yourself

Zany, yet proven, Love Tip #21: Date Yourself Some people say they date or marry their best friend. What if that person was best friend #2, and you were best friend #1? Love Fact: The fastest way [...]


What do you mean I was born loving ME? A personal revelation story of self-love

It all came to me at a café on Friday when I decided to sit down with my notebook and journal my own journey of falling in love with Christine. I wanted to know, How did I do it? At what point [...]


Love Dare# 3: Make A ME-Love Map

Love Dare #3: Make A ME-Love Map know your personal journey of self-love TRUTH Did you know that you were born totally and 100% in love with yourself? That’s right, love was oozing out of [...]


Self-Love Tip #18: The Self-Love Serenade

Zany, yet proven Love Tip #18:  The Self-Love Serenade Inspired by Amy from California “On the way home from work, I started discussing (with myself) all the reasons I love Amy.  It was not [...]


ME-Vow #2: 100% Honesty, 100% Responsibility

TRUTH Okay, let’s face it ladies, we have all lied to ourselves at one time or another… to hang on to a relationship way longer than we should have… to avoid having to admit our [...]