Feminine Super Power Prosper Potion

Feminine Super Power Prosper Potion

Made from the dreams, intentions and prayers from our Wise Woman Circles for the past 3 years, along with alchemical blessings from Christine at the start of each year. Held by the hands of women in those circles, and blessed with the intention that this potion be an alchemical sense-opening, wisdom awakening, intuition amplifying, focus enhancing, harmonizing elixir that supports and guides you to PROSPER in all that you are growing and receiving.

Prosper: Means to flourish & to thrive. It comes from the Latin prosperāre to succeed and from prosperus fortunate.

We chose “Prosper” instead of prosperity as prosperity is something that feels like you go out to get it or receive, but prosper is something you inhabit, choose, that moves through you, as your very presence.

May YOU and what you focus on and choose to give your life force, resources and love to PROSPER.

The blend, made by our very own master alchemist Gemma Becerra (nee Sutherland) who is so skilled and intentional with the blends she creates and the oils she uses. She only uses pure, high quality oils, and prefers to find them direct from distillers/growers wherever they grow best in the world. Many of her oils are rare, many only have a small amount distilled each year…which makes these oils extremely potent.

Orders will be mailed after the full moon on February 20th.

Feminine Super Power Prosper Potion

About the Prosper Potion:

  • Cinnamon Bark, Wild (Indonesia or Madagascar) – long used to attract good luck, prosperity, protection, spiritual connection, visions.
  • Clove Buds, Wild (Indonesia or Madagascar) – powerful to banish negative/dark energies and for protection, kinship, love and prosperity.
  • Cypress Leaf, Wild (France) – spiritual protection, links us to Divine feminine aspects
  • Frankincense, Wild (Somalia) – amazing for spiritual connection, for working inside the brain, opening and balancing chakras quickly on it’s own, for prospering, we need to breathe and Frankincense helps us breathe on so many levels.
  • Lemon, Organic (Italy-Pressed) – naturally abundant and promotes a happy disposition, attracts a good attitude like honey to a bee.
  • Myrrh, Wild (Somalia) – powerful to banish energies like overwhelm or despair
  • Orange, Sweet, Organic (Brazil or USA-Pressed) – attracts positive attitude and energy, keeping the aura clear of obstacles.
  • Patchouli, Wild (Indonesia) – grounds and keeps the rest of the blend together, providing the base/foundation for the rest of the oils in this potion to weave the prayers we add to it, rooting them and us as it holds everything together.
  • Spruce, Eastern Hemlock, Wild (Canada) – serves as an in between, helping us cross over from real world prosperity to emotional or spiritual protection/prosperity and back again to the physical realm.
  • Pink Lotus Absolute (Wild from India) – very rare and wonderful for assisting in over-coming obstacles and fears. This oil is transmutational and adds extra spiritual protection as Lotus are like Guardians in the esoteric oil sense 🙂
  • Dreams, Intentions and Prayers from Feminine Super Power Year wise women. Added at Dreaming Retreats, Spring Equinox Retreats, Full Moon Focus Circles.

You can use this oil:

  • In your daily morning practice
  • In your new moon and full moon practice to set and amplify your intentions with prosperity
  • In your evening downshifting before bed
  • As a spritz for your rooms, sheets, and space
  • In your tea – yes you can even add it to your tea!

Go here to order your bottle of PROSPER Potion

Orders will be mailed after the full moon on February 20th.

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